Settings Encouraging Bedsores in Virginia Nursing Homes

Despite being highly preventable, bedsores are occurring far too often in nursing homes in the United States. Virginia is no exception.

If care providers in nursing homes are unaware of the settings encouraging bedsores in Virginia nursing homes, they cannot help to prevent them. Nursing homes are responsible for training their staff to prevent bedsores and to recognize the early signs of a bedsore that may be forming.

Whether staff failed to adhere to their training or the nursing home failed to train the staff properly, residents who suffer from bedsores may have legal recourse. A seasoned lawyer who is experienced with nursing home bedsores cases could help you recover compensation.

Settings Most Associated with Bedsores

Bedsores are one of the most common and more serious conditions that can occur in nursing home residents. Residents and their families need to know that with the proper care and prevention, bedsores can be stopped. Nursing home staff members need to be trained in how to assess and prevent these painful pressure ulcers.

Bedsores form when pressure against the skin prevents normal blood flow, eventually causing tissue death. Settings that can encourage the occurrence and growth of bedsores include:

  • Bony areas of the body that are not well-padded left against hard surfaces
  • Skin rubbing against clothing or bedding
  • Moisture against the skin for long periods of time
  • Shear when parts of the body are moved in opposite directions
  • Lack of sensory perception of the resident
  • Inadequate nutrition and hydration
  • Pre-existing medical conditions that decrease blood flow
  • Immobile residents not been turned or moved at least every two hours

Regular Assessments Required for Virginia Nursing Home Residents

According to 12VAC5-371-§250, nursing homes are required to perform regular assessments on their residents. These assessments include their medical status and checking the resident’s skin condition. If the nursing home staff fails to perform these assessments, they could miss the signs of a bedsore.

If a bedsore goes unnoticed and untreated, it could be left to turn into a large and complex bedsore and even become infected. Other medical complications often occur from a bedsore such as bone and joint infections and cellulitis. These serious skin ulcers are extremely painful, expensive to treat and heal, and can cost a nursing home resident their life.

Damages Arising from Bedsores in Virginia Nursing Homes

Nursing homes and their staff could be found liable for the damages bedsores cause to one of their residents if they are found liable. Their negligence often leads to settings encouraging bedsores in nursing homes in Virginia. With the help of a skilled attorney, nursing home residents and their families may be able to seek compensation for the following:

  • Pain and suffering
  • Past and future medical expenses
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of enjoyment of life
  • Mental anguish

Let a Nursing Home Abuse Attorney Assist You

When nursing homes and their staff are unaware of or ignore the settings encouraging bedsores in Virginia nursing homes, they wrongly put patients’ health and well-being at risk. If your elderly loved one suffers from a bedsore that is caused by negligent care in a nursing home, you both may be owed compensation.

A nursing home abuse lawyer could help you stand up to the nursing home and their sometimes intimidating legal defense teams. They represent those that have difficulty speaking up for themselves, such as nursing home residents. Call today to learn how a lawyer could help you.