Common Areas for Bedsores in Virginia Nursing Homes

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers, can develop quickly in nursing home residents. Although some are caught in their early stages and will heal with the right treatments, others never completely heal. In fact, some may lead to more serious complications like infections or even cancer.

To help prevent bedsores, staff who care for nursing home residents need to know the common areas for bedsores in Virginia nursing homes. The nursing home is accountable for ensuring that their staff receives much-needed education on this topic. If they do not, a seasoned bedsores attorney could seek compensation for the resident, and possibly their family, who has negligently developed a bedsore.

Liability of Virginia Nursing Home Staff

When a resident is admitted to a nursing home, the staff takes on the responsibility or has the duty of caring for them. This includes being aware of common areas for bedsores in Virginia nursing facilities, monitoring their skin for pressure ulcer symptoms, taking steps to prevent these painful sores, and appropriately treating them if they are found. Nursing home assessment requirements are legally mandated and can be found in 12VAC5-371-§250.

If they fail to take these actions, they may be negligent, and may have breached their duty. In a lawsuit, proving negligence alone does not warrant the nursing home resident to receive compensation. If the negligence of the nursing home staff causes a bedsore which in turn causes damages such as pain and suffering or medical expenses, a jury could award compensation to the nursing home resident.

Where Bedsores are Most Commonly Found

It is important for nursing home residents, their families, and staff to be educated about bedsores, including why they form and where they form. In general, bony prominences are common areas for bedsores to form. More specifically these areas may include the:

  • Elbow
  • Inner aspect of the knee
  • Back of the head and ears
  • Hip
  • Heel
  • Lower back
  • Buttocks
  • Shoulder

When staff is aware of these common areas, they can help prevent them or catch them in their early stages. If nursing home staff do not receive the proper training for bedsore prevention and management, the nursing home could be held liable.

How Much is a Bedsore Case Worth?

The value of a nursing home bedsore case will vary depending on the general and actual damages of the plaintiff. Bedsores that are more severe, cause other health problems, or have complications with usually garner more compensation if the jury sides with the plaintiff or a settlement is negotiated.

Accurate and complete evidence could also impact the value of a case. Contacting a seasoned lawyer as soon as possible could help evidence to be collected sooner, thus making it more reliable.

Know the Common Areas for Bedsores in Virginia Nursing Facilities

To help protect your family member, know the common areas for bedsores in Virginia nursing homes and contact an attorney if you find one. Your loved one should not have to suffer painful daily dressing changes, infections, disfigurement, and all of the expenses that come with these pressure ulcers.

The nursing home should be providing proper care to your loved one to prevent bedsores or stop them as they begin to develop.

If the nursing home is negligent in the care of their residents, they should be held liable. Call a bedsore attorney today for help.