Complications Caused by Bedsores in Virginia Nursing Homes

Nursing home residents in Virginia are at high risk of developing bedsores, especially those with decreased mobility or pre-existing medical conditions. With the proper staff education and training the majority of bedsores and complications caused by bedsores in Virginia nursing homes could be eradicated. Sadly, many of these nursing facilities lack caring and attentive staff or do not provide proper training for them.

If you or a loved one has a bedsore that developed while living in a nursing home, you may have an opportunity to seek compensation. It is important that you contact a well-versed bedsore attorney as soon as possible for a case review.

Common Bedsore Complications

As if painful bedsores were not bad enough on their own, many complications can arise. When complications happen, bedsores are more costly, painful, and potentially life-threatening. If a nursing home resident develops complications with due to bedsores, they may be entitled to substantial compensation

Common complications caused by bedsores in nursing homes in Virginia include:

  • Cellulitis (infection of the surrounding skin)
  • Bone and joint infections
  • Cancer
  • Sepsis
  • Necrotizing fasciitis (flesh-eating bacterial infection)
  • Gas gangrene (a serious infection that may increase the chances of amputation)

Preventing Bedsore Complications

These complications are best avoided by preventing bedsores altogether. There are simple steps that staff members could and should take to reduce the chances of nursing home residents developing bedsores. For instance, frequent repositioning, using prescribed lotions, creams, or powders, good nutrition, proper hygiene, and skin assessments.

In fact, routine medical assessments are required by law under 12VAC5-371-§250.  Nursing homes could be held criminally liable and civilly liable by not performing these checks and proper bedsore measures.

When nursing home staff fails to provide these care measures because they choose not to or have not received adequate training, nursing home residents are at risk. If they develop a bedsore, the nursing home and their staff could be held liable for the injuries and damages their negligence causes, including any complications from the bedsore.

Settling a Bedsore Nursing Home Case

Sometimes, the nursing home will attempt to negotiate a settlement with the plaintiff. They may not be willing to admit their wrong-doing, but they want to keep their reputation as clean as possible and not risk paying what a jury may think that the plaintiff deserves as compensation for their damages.

This is usually done through their attorney. If the plaintiff agrees to a settlement, the case will not need to go to trial.

Plaintiffs often benefit from settlements as they avoid a long or emotional trial process. However, it is up to the plaintiff whether they accept a settlement or not. Although an attorney can give advice and guide their decision, it is up to the client.

Talk to a Virginia Nursing Home Abuse Attorney About Bedsores Today

No one should have to suffer complications caused by bedsores in Virginia nursing homes. Sadly, many residents do. These residents and their families should be aware that they may have legal recourse.

A seasoned bedsore attorney could attempt to receive compensation on your behalf to help pay for medical bills and make up for the pain and suffering your loved one has endured. To learn more and get answers to your questions, reach out to a lawyer today.