Wrongful Death from Bedsores in a Virginia Nursing Home

Losing a loved one, due to a nursing home’s negligence, can be overwhelming. You might not have all of the facts regarding the potential acts or omissions which led to your loved one’s untimely death. However, a nursing home abuse lawyer may be able to help you investigate the circumstances surrounding your claim and work toward fair compensation for the loss.

The nursing home should be held accountable if their negligence in treating or preventing bedsores led to a death. Contact a lawyer, today, for more information regarding wrongful death from bedsores in a Virginia nursing home.

Damages for Wrongful Death from Bedsores

Many types of damages may be recovered in a Virginia wrongful death case. Immediate family members may be able to receive compensation for:

  • Funeral costs;
  • Medical costs;
  • Loss of income and services; and,
  • Mental anguish

If a nursing home’s negligence led to a death, the statutory beneficiaries may be able to recover damages through a wrongful death lawsuit. The surviving spouse, children, and grandchildren may be eligible to obtain relief. In the even that no surviving spouse, children or grandchildren can be found, other family members may be able to bring forth a claim.

A plaintiff may seek punitive damages in wrongful death cases stemming from bedsores, but these types of punitive damages are not commonly obtained appropriate for claims based on negligence. Typically, punitive damages are reserved for cases involving willful egregious conduct. Punitive damages serve to punish and deter such outstandingly bad behavior. Generally, negligent conduct does not warrant the award of punitive damages. If there is any question regarding the conduct involved in a bedsores claim, a medical malpractice attorney may be able to provide guidance.

Negligence in a Nursing Home Wrongful Death Case

There are many ways in which a nursing home may be responsible for a death from bedsores. Nursing home patients, particularly the patients who spend much of their time in a wheelchair or bed, may be at risk for bedsores. It is important that nursing home staff and physicians assess risk factors and implement appropriate care plans.

Due to a failure to prevent bedsores or failure to properly treat bedsores, a nursing home patient may get a serious infection or other conditions such as sepsis and other muscle or tendon injuries stemming from bedsores can develop and may become fatal.

Virginia nursing homes have a duty to provide adequate care to nursing home patients. However, many nursing homes are understaffed. When nursing home staff or physicians fail to meet the standard of care, and their failure results in a death, there might be a cause of action for wrongful death.

Strict filing deadlines apply to Virginia wrongful death lawsuits, so consultation with an attorney regarding a nursing home patient’s death from pressure ulcers may be beneficial sooner rather than later. Failure to comply with the statute of limitations could cause an individual to be unable to recover damages.

Consult with a Nursing Home Wrongful Death Attorney About Bedsores Today

It can be difficult to deal with the loss of a loved one, especially when their death is due to another person’s negligence. With the proper monitoring, inspection, and care, many deaths from bedsores are preventable.

If your loved one died from bedsores, due to a nursing home’s negligence, you may be able to benefit from a confidential consultation with a medical malpractice lawyer. Call today to discuss wrongful death from bedsores occurring in Virginia nursing home.