Fairfax Dangerous Products Lawyer

There are millions of products available for sale, and unfortunately the products that consumers trust to be safe and reliable sometimes fail to live up to that standard.

Everyday consumers are injured or harmed by products they purchase. Many, however, do not know that there are legal avenues available to them through which they can obtain recovery for the damages these products have caused them.

To have a complete understanding of your personal situation, you should speak with a Fairfax dangerous products lawyer.

A Dangerous Products Attorney Can Help

An attorney may be able to help you obtain financial compensation from those involved in the creation and sale of the product, depending upon your unique situation.

If you live in the Fairfax County area of Virginia, you should know that state law is in place to protect consumers from faulty products, misleading advertising, warranty  breaches, negligence, and other areas of product liability for which various players in the product’s design, manufacturing, and sale are held accountable.

There are many situations that can be deemed as legitimate product liability claims.

Risky Products Resulting in Legal Action

If a product is inherently dangerous but the danger is not obvious to the consumer, this would be an example of a situation in which the consumer would likely be able to pursue legal action against the product’s developers.

For instance, if a type of soap has a chemical in it which can cause illness to the consumer that is not a risk that is readily apparent and would not be reasonably assumed by the person who purchased the soap.

Therefore, if the consumer then develops serious skin burns and other injuries as a result of using the product, there may be grounds for a lawsuit. A Fairfax dangerous products lawyer can evaluate your case.

Furthermore, if a product is inherently dangerous and the consumer is not properly warned, this is usually also a reason for there to be legal action taken. An example of this situation would be a camping tent with an unstable frame that is susceptible to collapse under heavy rain.

If this is not disclosed to the consumer in a way to ensure the consumer is aware the tent is not designed for heavy rain, and the consumer uses the tent in such conditions and suffers serious injury as a result of the tent collapsing, they may be able to earn compensation.

The Right to Reasonable Safety in Virginia

Virginia law also dictates that a product must be reasonably safe to use for its intended purpose. In other words, if the consumer uses the product in the way it is meant to be used they should be able to use it without coming to harm. Reasonably safe can be a vague term, as are many legal terms, and it is a good example of why obtaining legal counsel from a Fairfax dangerous products lawyer is so important.

Dangerous Products and Warranties

Other instances in which product liability law comes into play include situations where products do not live up to their warranties. Warranty does not necessarily mean that there is a written warranty within the product packaging; it can also refer to language used in advertising.

For instance, if a life vest is sold and is said to be safe for a certain situation and in that situation a consumer becomes injured, there may be grounds for a claim against the company.

Reasonable Time of Discovery

Sometimes the developers or designers of a product release their product believing it is safe, then later come to discover that there is a flaw that can lead to injury. Virginia law dictates that this flaw and risk of injury must be disclosed to the consumer within a “reasonable time” of discovery.

This again is often a situation in which consumers who have been injured by the use of a product can file a claim.

Expertise in Dangerous Product Claims

Because product development involves so many people, filing claims can be very complex. Accurately determining whether the claim should be filed against the designer, manufacturer, wholesaler, retailer, distributor, or a combination of players, requires keen legal insight and experience.

Hiring a dedicated Fairfax products liability attorney is your best option for obtaining optimal results and ensuring that your rights are protected and that you receive the compensation you deserve. Such cases also ensure that those who put you at risk are held accountable.

You should also consider that generally, Virginia law limits the time for such claims to two years from the date of injury.

So if you have suffered serious injury within the past two years, you should seek legal counsel now to find out whether or not you can file a claim.

Fairfax dangerous products lawyers are best equipped to handle such claims and want to help you pursue civil justice and compensation for the harms and losses you have suffered. Call our firm today.