Fairfax Child Injury Lawyer

Children are generally resilient people. Their ability to adapt and recover from difficult situations makes them especially tough. Still, there are scenarios that will harm even the hardiest of us.

Whenever these harms result from the negligence or criminal actions of others, the injured people have the right to seek compensation. Naturally, this right extends to children and their families.

Fairfax child injury lawyers help parents and guardians of injured children to stand up to insurance companies and collect the damages demanded by their injuries. Contact a skilled personal accident attorney in Fairfax right away.

What are Common Child Specific Injuries?

Of course, children can become injured in many of the same situations as adults. Mundane everyday activities such as riding in a car, visiting a store, or even simply walking down the street are an opportunity to fall victim to other’s negligence. Children are placed into situations that adults are not. Many of these involve going to school.

Defining Duty of Care for Children

The school always has a duty to ensure the safety of the children in their care. This extends to any busses used by the school to transport kids. As a Fairfax child injury lawyer knows, some unique scenarios that can lead to personal injuries for children include:

  • Abuse by the faculty or staff of schools
  • A school bus getting into an accident
  • Slipping and falling while on school grounds
  • Becoming ill due to environmental hazards in the school

Any of these incidents will involve filing a complaint against the school district if the school is public. This immediately makes the case much more complex as government entities are traditionally protected from civil liability for personal injury due to the actions of their employees. This is known as the concept of sovereign immunity.

Thankfully, governments have recently passed statutes allowing people injured by the State or Town to sue for damages. Every municipality has their own procedure for this process, but our firm works with individuals to identify the proper procedure and file the claims correctly and on time.

What Damages Can a Child Claim?

At the center of any personal injury claim is a physical injury. A personal injury claim will fail if the plaintiff cannot prove that there is a measurable physical harm. However, this harm can be anything that requires medical attention. Even seemingly minor injuries such as cuts and bruises are sufficient to pass this hurdle.

Many personal injury cases are mainly focused on the mental consequences of the incident that can have an especially harsh impact on a child.

While physically resilient, children can be emotionally immature and unable to properly process the aftermath of an injury. This can require extensive therapy, long periods of adjustment, and may cause nightmares.

Fairfax child injury attorneys are sensitive to the consequences that these cases can have on children. We accordingly work with parents to determine the true impact of the incident on the child and demand appropriate compensation.

Fairfax Child Injury Lawyers are Here to Help

Nothing is more tragic than an injury to a child. They are often unable to defend themselves and are left at the mercy of the immense forces that can be involved.

Whether the injury is caused by an accident while riding in a car, occurs while shopping in a mall, or is the result of actions taking place at school, injured children and their families have the right to be compensated.

Fairfax child injury lawyers work with the families of injured children to hold the responsible parties legally liable for their actions. There is a strict time limit of two years under Virginia law to file a claim so do not wait.