Fairfax Truck Accident Lawyer

If you have been involved in a truck accident in Fairfax, you have a long road ahead in recovering damages. Truck accident cases can be challenging and are often litigated seriously by the trucking companies and insurance companies involved. With this in mind, it is important that if you have been injured that you focus on your medical treatment and let a Fairfax truck accident lawyer focus on recovering damages.

By contacting an injury lawyer in Fairfax, you are taking the first possible steps toward recovering compensation.

Common Accidents

There are a few types of truck accidents that are most commonly seen by truck accident attorneys in Fairfax on state highways or on the interstate where there is a high rate of speed. Typically truck accidents have to do with breaking, which if done too quickly can cause the truck to jackknife, causing the trailer to whip around. Additionally, if a truck brakes and a load inside isn’t properly secured, it can cause a truck to rollover or keep the truck from being able to stop in time causing them to rear-end another vehicle.

It takes special training to drive a truck and the braking mechanism of a commercial truck is different than the ones that we’re used to on our passenger vehicles. A lot of the time a truck accident has to do with problems braking, or with timing in attempting to negotiate a turn or a curve. Another common cause of trucking accidents is, unfortunately, sleep deprivation, since usually commercial drivers are trying to get a job done as quickly as they can, get them point to point in the shortest amount of time as possible. Even though there are federal regulations requiring a certain amount of sleep in between loads, people try to cut corners a lot of the time, and sleep deprivation is also a common cause of truck accidents.

Contact a Fairfax Truck Accident Attorney Today

There are many reasons why consulting with a Fairfax truck lawyer may be in your best interests if you have been injured. For one, insurance carriers will try and contact the injured party quickly to try and offer settlements before a driver knows the full extent of their damages. If you are represented by a Fairfax truck accident attorney, this sort of attempt to settle claims for less than value can be avoided and an attorney can advise you of the appropriate time for settlement and fair value for their case.

Another thing that’s helpful if you have an attorney at an early stage is that they can advise you as to your rights and your obligations when it comes to your own policy, when it comes to cooperating with the other insurance company and they can really help to make sure that you are getting what you need and that you are focusing on getting better. If you focus on getting better and getting back to work or school or your prior duties, your truck accident attorney in Fairfax can work on getting all documentation in place and making sure that an investigation is properly conducted to identify all the potential defendants and to establish liability and to obtain all of the evidence necessary to prove your claim.