Fairfax Slip and Fall Damages

There are a wide variety of factors to assessing Fairfax slip and fall damages. A distinguished personal injury attorney can discuss the impact of your incident on your life in order to plan for their presentation for damages. They look at all of these things to determine what someone’s case is worth and how they have been damaged.

Slip and Fall Damages Considerations

When determining slip and fall damages, the court will consider medical bills that the injured party has incurred, as well as any future need for medical treatment and lost wages. This is going to include the actual missed financial opportunities.

If someone is an hourly worker, for instance, they would have missed a certain number of hours at work which means a certain number of dollars per hour. Therefore, they are entitled to the amount of wages or the amount of lost time. If someone is a salaried employee or a commission-based employee, that would be calculated as well.

For salary or commission-based employees, lost wages are a little bit more complicated and harder to calculate, however. Missing work has value to them and value to their company, though, so that is an important thing to consider.

What is the Role of Damages in Establishing Responsibility?

Fairfax slip and fall damages exist to compensate the injured party for injuries they sustained through no fault of their own. Punitive damages exist only in limited circumstances to punish the wrongdoer or to show or to give a lesson that risky behaviors have financial consequences.

Not all cases have punitive damages available and a person should talk to an experienced Fairfax slip and fall attorney about whether punitive damages or damages exist to punish a wrongdoer or punish a responsible party is applicable in your case.

Steps to Take Following a Slip and Fall Incident

If someone is injured in a slip and fall case, the first thing they should first be concerned about receiving medical treatment for their injuries. They should follow up with a doctor if they need to, and they should certainly follow up with their primary care physician as soon as possible. It could be beneficial when seeking Fairfax slip and fall damages to follow any and all recommendations from their physician. This includes following doctor’s recommendations, seeing a specialist if necessary and following up on certain protocols.

Common Mistakes in Slip and Fall Cases

It is very common that individuals will be modest about how they feel. This includes when they are asked on the scale of pain scale of how they feel on a given day. If a person is injured in a slip and fall type case and they are receiving treatment, the person has to communicate with their doctor about the level of inconvenience. It is important to let them know, to be open and honest with them.

Doctors generally put on the medical chart what a person tells them. They know how to proceed through their medical training, so it is important to communicate with their physicians, to be honest with them and put all out there so that they can help the person make the best recovery possible.

Fairfax Slip and Fall Damages