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Scaffolding is an essential tool used by construction and industrial workers to reach higher levels. Scaffolding allows such workers to paint, clean, and repair tall buildings, and when it is used correctly, it can be immensely helpful. Unfortunately, when an accident involving scaffolding occurs, the outcome can be deadly for workers.

Serious accidents involving scaffolding mostly occur in the construction industry, but injuries also happen to some retail workers tasked with reaching products at great heights. When a person falls, or when scaffolding falls on a person, severe injuries and even death can follow.

If you were injured in a scaffolding accident, it might be beneficial to consult a DC scaffolding injury lawyer. Let a dedicated workers’ compensation attorney fight for you.

Company Safety Obligations

Scaffolding is primarily used in industrial and construction settings, so employers in such industries must be sure their employees understand the importance of scaffolding safety. If they do not, they may be forced to pay out numerous workers’ compensation claims.

If gross negligence causes an accident, they may even be forced to pay out personal injury claims. In general, companies that use scaffolding should take the following necessary safety measures:

  • Regularly inspecting and maintaining scaffolding
  • Providing scaffolding workers with proper safety training and education
  • Ensure workers have appropriate safety gear when using scaffolding
  • Document scaffolding injuries and report them to the relevant authorities
  • Ensure working environment is free of any potential hazards

Most construction companies take the actions listed above, but some do not. When companies fail to take the safety of their employees into consideration, they should pay if an accident occurs on their watch.

Workers’ Compensation Insurance

Workers’ compensation is an insurance program that most employers are required to participate in. The program provides employees injured on the job with a portion of their monthly income until they can return to work. Most workers receive 80 percent of their income, but some receive only 60 or 70. Companies are also required to provide their injured employees with healthcare until they recover.

Following an accident, employers must provide their injured employees with claims paperwork. However, if an employer does not agree with the account of the injured employee, they may dispute their claim. If this does happen, an employee may need to hire a DC scaffolding injury lawyer to help them refile or to represent them during the hearing.

During a hearing, employers may attempt to assert the injuries sustained by the employee are not as severe as they claim. They may also argue the injury was caused by a preexisting condition unrelated to the job of the employee. If this occurs, an employee may need to consult an experienced lawyer.

Employer and Scaffolding Manufacturer Lawsuits

Occasionally, a contractor or employee may need to sue a scaffolding manufacturer. If their employer properly maintained the scaffolding and it was used correctly, the manufacturer may be liable if a product defect causes an accident. Filing suit against a scaffolding company may seem like a daunting prospect, but it may be necessary for some situations.

It is important to note that employees who sue their employer will not be able to claim workers’ compensation benefits. However, non-employees working on a site may be able to sue the company they are contracting for.

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Scaffolding accidents can be life-altering, especially when they cause permanent injury or death to an employee. No employee should be denied compensation after a severe accident, mainly when they depend on their benefits to cover their living and medical expenses. Contractors may also be entitled to compensation for their injuries.

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