Virginia Uber Accident Attorney

Since launching in 2011, Uber has grown into a multi-billion dollar company and one of the most valuable start-up companies in the world. Much of the ride-sharing service’s appeal comes from its convenience, which helps people who live in high-density urban areas where owning and maintaining a personal vehicle is costly and very difficult, get around their city.

Over the years however, new questions have begun surfacing about Uber in a whole host of legal areas. That is why it is so important for someone who is involved in any sort of Uber-related incident, to contact a Virginia Uber accident attorney as soon as possible to figure out their next options.

How Uber Works

Uber works thanks to technology that allows someone to download the Uber app and request a ride. The app then matches up the rider with a driver, who is then notified of the requester’s location using the GPS on their smartphone.

History in Virginia

When Uber came to Virginia it was met with a huge backlash. In June 2014, a cease and desist letter from the Department of Motor Vehicles was issued to the company. The company paid thousands of dollars in fines as Uber continued to operate in spite of the cease and desist letter.

The DMV then stated that they would start issuing fines to drivers who operated without the proper licensing. After many legal battles between Uber and Virginia, in March 2016, Governor Terry McAuliffe signed legislation allowing the company to operate within the Commonwealth of Virginia.

One aspect of Uber’s popularity is the fact that all of their drivers are considered independent contractors, offering very flexible schedules. The legislation that was approved in March 2016 lays out very specific requirements and regulations in regards to Uber’s independent contractor drivers.

In May 2015, the Virginia Department of Motor Vehicles published a guide for all Transportation Network Companies (TNC) and drivers, including Uber. This guide details what guidelines TNC drivers must follow, including the insurance requirements, driver screening, vehicle requirements, and vehicle registration.

Legal Issues

One of the primary issues that continues to plague Uber is when an Uber driver is involved in a car accident, either with a paying passenger, on the way to pick up a passenger, or simply driving with the app open.

There are also a number of complex insurance issues to navigate, as well as strict state laws that need to be taken into consideration, when involved in an Uber accident that only a knowledgeable, experienced Virginia Uber accident attorney can help with.

What a Virginia Uber Lawyer Can Do For You

It is imperative to contact an attorney who has experience in dealing with the complex issues that arise when involved in a vehicle accident with an Uber driver. Vehicle accidents involving Uber drivers are more complex than accidents involving citizen drivers because of the various insurance companies involved, Uber as a provider, and the individual driver.

You need a local Uber accident attorney in Virginia who knows how to deal with accidents involving Uber drivers to help you understand your rights, navigate the complicated legal process, understand your options, and realize the best possible outcome.