Virginia Rental Car Accident Lawyer

A Virginia rental car accident lawyer can help you pursue a claim for monetary damages if you are harmed in a crash with a rental vehicle. In rental car cases, complex questions may arise regarding which insurance companies are responsible for covering accident losses. Your attorney can help you to deal with the insurers, determine against whom to make a claim, and guide you as you fight for compensation for your losses. Consult with a Virginia car accident lawyer today to discuss your claim and learn more.

How a Virginia Rental Car Accident Lawyer Can Help You

Victims of motor vehicle accidents can pursue a claim for compensation if they can show that someone else was at fault. Rental car accidents can cause significant losses, and you can be compensated for both economic and non-economic damages. However, you must pursue legal action to get compensation.

Because most claims settle outside of court, you will usually be dealing with an insurance company. This may be the insurer of the other driver, the insurer of the rental car provider, or both.  A Virginia rental car accident lawyer can manage all of your interactions with different insurance companies so you can make informed choices and try to maximize the money you receive.

If your case doesn’t settle, your claim may be decided by a judge or jury. You need to determine who may be liable and identify the parties against whom to file a personal injury or wrongful death case. You must prove you are entitled to compensation from the defendant. Your attorney can take care of investigating your claim, filing court documents, and trying to prove your case to the judge or jury.

Your Rights After a Rental Car Crash

Rental car companies do not always make prompt repairs to recalled vehicles, nor do all rental car companies remove recalled vehicles from their fleet.  USA Today reported on tragic accidents that have occurred because of unsafe rental vehicles.  If a rental car company was negligent or careless in any way regarding the vehicle the company rented, you may be able to pursue a claim for compensation against the company. This is true whether you were the driver of the rental car, a passenger in the rental vehicle, or a motorist struck by the rented auto.

When driver negligence is the cause of a crash and the careless driver is in a rental car, victims of the accident also must determine what insurance is likely to cover their losses. While most rental car drivers are covered by their own auto policies, this may not always be the case and the driver’s policy may not have high enough limits to cover all losses.

Rental companies insure their vehicles and you may be able to recover money from the rental car provider, even if the company itself was not negligent. A Virginia rental car accident lawyer can help you to determine what your best course of action is for trying to maximize your compensation.

Getting Help from a Virginia Rental Car Accident Lawyer

Virginia laws protect victims of motor vehicle crashes caused by negligence, but taking advantage of these legal protections requires an understanding of complex laws applicable to rental car crashes. Call a Virginia rental car accident lawyer for help with your case so you can try to recover the money you need for crash losses.