Head-On Collisions in Virginia

Head on collisions are some of the worst kind of motor vehicle accidents that people can endure. Injuries from these crashes are often very serious, and can result in permanent disability — or even death. Anyone involved in such a wreck needs to contact a car accident lawyer in VA as soon as possible after receiving medical attention.

Why Work with a Lawyer?

A car accident lawyer in Virginia can offer legal assistance when it is needed most: directly after a devastating accident. Many people aren’t prepared for the vast number of things that change and need attention in their personal and professional lives in the wake of an auto accident. Things change at home and at work, especially if your mobility or ability to perform daily tasks has been hindered. All of the sudden, you may be required to attend physical therapy or undergo multiple corrective surgeries.  Insurance companies start calling you and bombarding you with paperwork.

Fortunately, after a head-on collision, a personal injury attorney can provide a number of valuable services that can streamline the injury claim process and allow you to focus on healing and returning, as much as possible, to business as usual. Not only can our attorneys help deal with insurance companies, but we can also advise you about how to thoroughly document your injuries and collect evidence in a way that facilitates a successful claim.

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Head-On Collisions in Virginia

A head-on collision happens when the front part of two vehicles strike each other. This can happen in a direct manner – front bumper to front bumper – or at angle. Because of the combined force of two moving objects, more people are killed in head on collisions than any other type of crash. If you lost a loved one in this manner, a Virginia head on collision lawyer may be able to get you compensation that makes up for that person’s income, funeral expenses, and the emotional devastation associated with the loss.

Virginia head on collision lawyers know that terrible injuries and fatalities are even more apt to occur if the crash involves a car and a larger vehicle. The vehicle can be a truck, SUV, bus, or similar mode of transport. Such accidents are also more likely to take place on rural roads as opposed to more populated areas. However, they can occur on highways as well. Improper passing, poor negotiation of curves, or drifting into oncoming traffic can cause a head-on collision. Naturally, unfavorable weather and road conditions can increase the odds of your being in this type of crash.

Contact an Accident Attorney

Virginia head-on collision attorneys know that injuries from these accidents can be very severe. They may include broken bones, brain damage, and paralysis, among other forms of harm. They can lead to missed work, continuous medical bills, adaptive equipment, long-term therapy, or long-term residential care. In many tragic cases, the victims of head-on collisions do not survive their injuries.

If you encountered any of the above tragedies, talk to a car accident attorney today.