Virginia Icy Road Accident Lawyer

Ice on a road can complicate accident cases. A Virginia icy road accident lawyer can help you determine who is to blame for a crash and can assist you in making a case to seek compensation for your damages. Consult with a Virginia car accident lawyer today to discuss your case.

How a Virginia Icy Road Accident Lawyer Can Help

After an accident on an icy road, you can file a claim for compensation against those responsible for harming you. Your attorney can help you to determine if another driver was to blame, or if you can take action against other parties like the municipality responsible for maintaining the roads.

Drivers are expected to be reasonably careful and to exercise ordinary care, which can mean slowing down even below the speed limit when there are icy road conditions. Your attorney can help you investigate the facts and circumstances surrounding your accident to try to prove that another driver was negligent in driving too fast on an icy road or otherwise failing to drive with ordinary care. If you can show that the other driver was to blame, you should be compensated for your losses.

Icey Road Accident Lawyer in Virginia

Many injury cases settle outside of court, and a Virginia icy road accident lawyer can negotiate on your behalf to obtain compensation for your damages including payment for: medical costs, wages from missed work, pain and suffering; emotional distress, a reduction in future earnings from serious injuries, or wrongful death.  Your attorney can also file a lawsuit on your behalf in court if no settlement is reached.

Icy Road Accident Cases are Complicated

Although local municipalities are responsible for clearing roads for residents, it is very difficult to hold them accountable for icy conditions. Governmental immunity limits when a government agency can be sued, and there may be a defense to your claim based upon assumption of the risk, in which case the entity responsible for maintaining the roads would argue that they should not be held liable if you go out during a storm because you assumed the risks inherent in driving on roads that you knew were icy.

While these legal rules can make it more difficult to successfully sue the government as opposed to a private person, this doesn’t mean it is never a possibility. Your Virginia icy road accident lawyer can help to determine if the conditions on the road were created by negligence and were unacceptably hazardous.

Pursuing a claim against another driver in icy conditions can also be a challenge if that driver argues that you played a role in causing the accident. A Virginia icy road accident lawyer can help conduct an investigation and consult with expert witnesses who can testify about the facts and circumstances surrounding the accident to help make your case against the other driver.
If you are seeking compensation for injuries due to a crash on icy roads, it is up to you to make your claim. Let an attorney with experience on these types of complex accident cases help you.

Getting Help from a Virginia Icy Road Accident Lawyer

The injuries that occur after an accident on an icy road can be severe and life changing. Virginia law says you should be “made whole,” or compensated fully if you can prove someone else was responsible for what happened to you.  Call a Virginia icy road accident lawyer today for help putting together your case so you can get the money you need to move on after a crash.