Common Car Accident Injuries in Virginia

If you were involved in a car accident, you may have suffered serious injuries and could be dealing with severe physical, emotional, and financial strain. If the car accident was caused by another individual’s negligence, you could be entitled to financial compensation. These money damages may help offset the costs of your injuries and offer you valuable peace of mind during this difficult time.

Common car accident injuries in Virginia often result in lengthy, difficult recovery periods and a lot of pain. If you are currently in this situation, reach out to legal counsel for help.

Costs Related to Car Accident Injuries

Car accident injuries are often costly. Many patients are forced to deal with high medical bills from their hospitalizations, surgeries, and other rehabilitation treatments that can take months or years. These injuries can make it difficult or impossible to work, either temporarily or permanently. This lost income can ruin the financial health of a plaintiff and their family. Fortunately, these types of costs are potentially compensable in a car accident injury case.

Non-economic costs of a car accident injuries are also compensable when properly proven. Including money damages related to the plaintiff’s pain and suffering, loss of consortium claims for the family, and damages related to disfigurement. A skilled attorney in Virginia could further explain the potential damages for common car accident injuries.

Impact of Different Types of Injuries

Certain types of injuries are more likely to occur than others after an automobile accident in Virginia, and these injuries constitute typical examples of compensable harm in a case of this nature.

Traumatic Brain Injury & Symptoms

A traumatic brain injury occurs when a significant level of force is applied to a person’s head, causing the brain inside to collide with the skull. The brain is cushioned within the skull by fluid, but strong momentum and sudden stops, such as those that occur in a car crash, can lead to the brain striking the skull.

This type of injury can lead to paralysis, concussions, mental defects, lack of motor function, mood and behavior changes, and more. These are incredibly serious injuries that often deserve compensation.

Broken Bones

A person’s bones can be broken or shattered as the result of a car crash, leading to very painful injuries and expensive medical treatment. In the most severe cases, an injured person may need invasive surgery to restore their bones.

Skin Lacerations, Damage, and Scarring

Damage to the skin can occur in several ways during a car accident. Lacerations can be caused by sharp objects or blunt force trauma, and significant bruising and scarring can occur as a result of these wounds. A person’s skin may also be burned if oil or gas is ignited in the accident.

Wrongful Death

The most serious accidents can lead to the unexpected death of an individual. When this occurs, a wrongful death lawsuit could compensate family members for the loss of their loved one, both financially and emotionally.

A Virginia Attorney Can Help You Seek Compensation for Common Car Accident Injuries

The car accident injuries that commonly occur in Virginia may range from serious to minor, but when they are caused by another driver’s negligence, they could be compensable in a successful lawsuit. It may be vital to seek legal representation shortly after your accident to give yourself the best chance of building a compelling claim for damages, and a member of our team could help. Contact us today to set a consultation and learn more.