Washington DC Athletic Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Instances of sexual abuse are damaging and disturbing situations, and no individual should have to experience them in their life. These incidents can impact both a person’s physical health and their long-term emotional wellbeing.

One of the most common scenarios that can lead to these traumatic events is an unsafe relationship between a coach and an athlete. These social connections should center around trust; coaches should be able to provide personalized and safe attention to improve an athlete’s performance. Sadly, this close contact can lead to sexual abuse. A compassionate sex abuse victims attorney could help anyone who finds themselves in this situation.

If you or your child are experiencing a dangerous and lewd relationship with a coach or personal trainer, a Washington DC athletic sexual abuse lawyer could help you pursue a civil lawsuit against the parties responsible. These claims could help you collect financial compensation for your physical injuries, emotional traumas, and other verifiable losses.

How do Local Laws Define Sexual Abuse?

Sexual abuse is a clear violation of the district’s criminal laws. According to the Code of the District of Columbia § 22-3002, et seq. the most serious forms of sexual abuse involve one person pressuring another to engage in lewd acts through the use of force. This offense is a felony that could result in life in prison.

However, not every instance of sexual abuse rises to this severity. For example, misdemeanor lewd conduct offenses include engaging in any form of sexual contact without the other person’s consent. This means that unwelcome touching on an athlete’s buttocks or chest may constitute sexual misconduct. A knowledgeable attorney in Washington DC could help an athlete determine whether their coach or trainer touched them in a way that would be considered sexual abuse.

How Could Athletes Who Experienced Sexual Misconduct Seek Justice?

While it is vital that athletes who have experienced sexual assault report these incidents to the police, doing so does not help them obtain monetary damages. Instead, these individuals must pursue a related but separate civil lawsuit. Because sexual abuse usually results in personal injury, a civil claim could help compensate a victim for their suffering.

In some cases, an athlete who suffered from lewd misconduct could demand compensation from multiple parties. For instance, under a legal theory called respondeat superior, employers may be jointly liable for the actions of their employees while those workers are operating within the scope of their job. If a personal trainer working for a gym or a coach at a local school abused an athlete, those companies and institutions might also assume responsibility for the incident.

A diligent lawyer in Washington DC could help an athlete file a civil claim and determine whether multiple parties might face liability in their sexual abuse case.

Contact a Washington DC Athletic Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

Unfortunately, many athletes unexpectedly find themselves in vulnerable positions. Coaches and personal trainers provide guidance with an established and generally acceptable level of physical contact. However, it takes only a quick second for their actions to become inappropriate.

Every instance of sexual abuse is a serious matter. Reporting these incidents to the police could help a victim seek justice and bolster the impact of a civil lawsuit. Let a Washington DC athletic sexual abuse lawyer protect your legal rights after incidents of lewd misconduct. An experienced attorney will take the necessary steps to investigate the offenses, determine how the event impacted your life, and demand proper payments from all liable parties. Call the office today to schedule a consultation.