Washington DC Doctor Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Relationships between doctors and patients are unique and healthcare professionals have an obligation to protect their patient’s health and privacy. Not only do physicians need to abide by established rules for interacting with patients, but they must also adhere to the local criminal laws. Sexual abuse can occur when a doctor violates these standards.

A Washington DC doctor sexual abuse lawyer may be able to help if you or a loved one suffered abuse at the hands of a medical professional. A compassionate legal representative could outline your rights, fully investigate the misconduct, and help you seek the compensation you deserve.

When Might a Patient Experience Sexual Abuse from a Doctor?

Engaging in any form of sexual abuse is a violation of a doctor’s duty to provide medical care and treat their patients with common decency. Sadly, this can occur at almost any time, in many different scenarios.

For example, a patient could experience unsolicited sexual contact during a routine checkup. A doctor might inappropriately touch an individual’s private parts, against their consent. Patients could also experience lewd mistreatment while receiving a surgery or a simple outpatient procedure. Meanwhile, children are unfortunately equally vulnerable to unwarranted touching and misconduct from a manipulative pediatrician. For instance, a family doctor could commit lewd acts during a routine physical examination.

A seasoned attorney in Washington DC could outline additional examples of sexual abuse caused by physicians and help a patient determine exactly what happened to them.

Is Sexual Misconduct by a Doctor a Criminal or Civil Matter?

After suffering from unsolicited sexual contact, a patient may require both future medical treatment and additional emotional counseling to recover from the trauma of the incident. Fortunately, local criminal laws account for the severity of these situations. Therefore, a manipulative doctor could face severe criminal penalties for any instance of lewd misconduct.

Although criminal punishments help a plaintiff seek justice, it is important to note that they do not entitle a claimant to financial compensation. Instead, civil injury lawsuits help a patient pursue the monetary damages they deserve. Therefore, sexual assault by a doctor can lead to both a criminal and civil case. A resourceful attorney could even implement evidence used in a criminal proceeding to strengthen a plaintiff’s standing in a civil suit.

However, a criminal conviction is not necessary for beginning a civil action. A knowledgeable lawyer in Washington DC could help someone who experienced sexual abuse at the hands of their doctor determine which legal process would be best for their situation.

Consult a Washington DC Doctor Sexual Abuse Attorney Immediately

Sexual abuse is, sadly, a common problem in the medical world. Both children and adults are vulnerable to the misconduct carried out by doctors and other healthcare professionals. For instance, something as simple as an unwanted sexual touch could serve as justification for contacting the police or seeking compensation through a civil lawsuit.

Fortunately, a Washington DC doctor sexual abuse lawyer could help you hold the relevant physician or pediatrician accountable for their lewd conduct. Reach out to the office today to learn more about your many legal options.