Washington DC Sexual Abuse in School Lawyer

The devastating personal and emotional harm suffered by survivors of sexual abuse may follow them all their life, affecting their ability to work, interact socially, or live a normal, healthy adult life. If you are a survivor of sexual abuse in a school, a skilled attorney could help. A diligent Washington DC sexual abuse in school lawyer could help you take back your power and seek justice against those accountable for your damages.

An accomplished sexual abuse attorney could fight aggressively on your behalf to prove the liability of the perpetrator as well as any other parties whose negligence contributed to what transpired. A lawyer would defend your interests and work hard to secure all past and ongoing damages you may be entitled to. Monetary damages for medical expenses, diminished earning potential, depression, emotional anguish, pain, and suffering are common types of compensation that may be awarded to survivors of sexual abuse or assault.

A School’s Legal Duty of Care in Washington DC Sexual Abuse Cases

While criminal charges by be filed against the alleged perpetrator by the prosecutor’s office, a civil lawsuit is a separate type of claim that the claimant would file directly against their abuser, or their abuser’s employer. The judge in a criminal case may sometimes order the offender to pay some restitution to the claimant, but pursuing a civil case could enable the injured party to recover additional forms of compensation.

Besides the actual abuser, the other parties who may be held legally liable for the claimant’s damages in a school sexual abuse case would depend on the specific details of the underlying incident. For instance, the school itself may be considered legally responsible for the claimant’s damages if they:

  • Carelessly hired staff with a known history of sexual abuse or who had been subject to allegations of sexual wrongdoing
  • Intentionally protected alleged abusers from prosecution or hid claims of sexual misconduct from the authorities
  • Utilized inadequate vetting procedures when hiring staff
  • Neglected to respond to or deal with allegations of sexual abuse or assault
  • Failed to maintain proper supervision of students

A compassionate Washington DC sexual abuse in school attorney would work diligently to uncover any instances of wrongdoing or neglect by teachers, staff, administration, or other school officials when building a case for just compensation.

The Burden of Proof in Washington DC Sexual Abuse in School Lawsuits

Sometimes, the criminal system may fail victims of sexual abuse, and alleged offenders may walk away with little or no legal consequences imposed. Regardless, the civil court system permits victims of abuse or assault a way to pursue full and fair legal recovery against the party or parties who are culpable for their losses.

Whereas the burden of proof in a criminal case is proof beyond a reasonable doubt, civil cases need only be provided on the basis of preponderance of evidence. This means that if the victim can prove that it is more probable than not that the at-fault party caused their losses, they may be able to collect compensation. An attorney in Washington DC could help survivors of sexual abuse or assault in a school seek maximum financial recovery from all responsible parties.

Talk to a Washington DC Sexual Abuse in School Attorney Now

If you have been impacted by sexual abuse, you should speak with a Washington DC sexual abuse in school lawyer as soon as possible. The law establishes strict deadlines by which certain types of civil claims must be filed, and failure to abide by these limitations could forfeit your right to compensatory damages.

Discuss your rights and options to pursue recovery today.