Prince William County Teen Driving Accident Lawyer

In Prince William County and the entire state of Virginia, a person can start driving at age 15 1/2 when they get their learner’s permit. Once they hold their learner’s permit for nine months, they can legally become a full-on driver. They can get a regular license without having another licensed driver in the car with them. Learning how to drive can be an exciting moment for teens while also being an anxiety-ridden moment for their parents.

Car crashes are somewhat common and the likelihood of getting into an accident can increase the more inexperienced a driver is which is why it is important for parents to prepare their teens. In the event that your teen is involved in an accident, it is also important to retain the services of a Prince William County teen driving accident lawyer. A compassionate and capable attorney could advocate for your teen and pursue a positive outcome for them.

Why are Teens More Likely to be Involved in a Car Crash Than Other Drivers?

As a Prince William County teen driving accident lawyer can explain, one reason why teens are more likely to be involved in a car accident than other drivers is that the area is more rural. Young people are more likely to drive than take public transportation. A lot of teens have no other choice but to drive when they are very young and inexperienced which is one of the reasons that car crashes involving teens occur.

Common Fact Patterns in Teen Collisions

A common fact pattern associated with teen driving accidents is that young people are generally worse drivers than people who are older. Those between the ages of 16 to 25 get into a lot of car accidents. This is probably because they are inexperienced.

Similarly, a person is getting their license around the time where some people start to experiment with drugs and alcohol, and that is not a good combination. They are inexperienced at driving, drugs, and alcohol, so they often cannot comprehend the danger of what they are doing. It is often is a recipe for an accident.

Even without drugs or alcohol, some people just drive recklessly because they want to be cool. They think it is cool to race or do other risky behavior when in a car. They also might be easily distracted by their phones.

How Car Accidents Involving Minors are Treated

A car accident plays out differently when a driver is under 18 because the case is valued higher. If someone is a minor, the statute of limitations does not start running until they hit 18. Insurance companies do not like to have potential claims on their books for so long, so they encourage their adjusters to settle the cases involving minors. If someone is injured and they are a minor, the insurance company will initially value the case higher to avoid having a potential case on the books for several more years. A Prince William County teen driving accident lawyer could speak with the insurance company and help individuals navigate the claims process.

Advice Parents Can Give Their Teens in Case of an Accident

A parent should tell their teenage child that, if they are involved in an accident and it is not their fault, they should exchange information with the person who hit them. If they have to call the police, then the teen should call the police. Some small accidents probably do not require a police officer to come and investigate the accident. However, if the teen feels injured or they think they might be injured, it is always a good idea to get the police involved so that there can be an official report of the accident. At the very least, the teen should get the driver’s information, their license plate, and a description of what their car looks like. Aa a Prince William County teen driving accident lawyer can attest, all of that information might be important if and when suing the other driver.

Preventative Measures Parents Can Take

Parents can help their teens avoid being involved in a car accident by forbidding them from riding in a vehicle. That would do some good and they would be less likely to be involved in car accidents. If they take driver’s education classes early, are instructed on how to be a good defensive driver, and are always aware of their surroundings on the road even when they have the right of way and they have the green light, they can become a defensive driver.

Parents can also tell their teens to never drink and drive or to be in a vehicle with someone who has had alcohol and is driving. The parents can restrict when and where they can drive.

Qualities to Look for in a Prince William County Teen Car Collision Lawyer

After a teen has been injured in an accident, families should look for Prince William County teen driving accident lawyers who have experience in the kind of accident that their teen was involved in. They want to have a lawyer who has good customer service and a client-facing focus to make sure that they feel good about the lawyer who is representing them and they feel informed about how the process goes. Some lawyers choose not to keep their potential clients involved in the legal process by not informing them of where their case is and what is going on with their case, but they want affirmation from the attorney that they are going to keep them informed about how it is progressing. If an individual’s teen has been involved in a serious car accident, they should speak with a capable car accident attorney that could work to protect that teen’s rights and help them recover damages for their injuries.