Collecting Evidence for Car Accident Litigation in Prince William County

It is important that you are able to be compensated for your injuries when you have been in a car collision that was caused by another party. Therefore, you may need the assistance of an accomplished car wreck attorney who is experienced collecting evidence for car accident litigation in Prince William County. A seasoned personal injury lawyer will understand which steps to take to gather the evidence. If you have been injured in a car wreck, call today to schedule a consultation.

Type of Evidence a Lawyer Looks For

A lawyer can gather evidence by requesting the police report, medical bills, and medical records. They will also interview witnesses to hear their version of how the incident took place. When there are cameras available from nearby businesses that captured the accident, the attorney may try to retrieve the footage of the accident.

When collecting evidence for car accident litigation in Prince William County, the attorney looks for the facts of the case that show the negligence of the wrongdoer. A video may be able to reveal that the negligent driver was texting while driving or failed to yield to the driver who had the right of way. Pictures of the scene of the wreck can show the skid marks and other clues that may show which driver was at fault.

How an Attorney Collects Evidence

A lawyer begins collecting evidence for car accident litigation in Prince William County when the plaintiff signs the representation agreement and their attorney begins to request evidence from different sources. Depending on the jurisdiction of the accident, the lawyer could request evidence from the police department or the Department of Motor Vehicles to obtain a copy of the incident report.

For witnesses, the lawyer runs a search for the person’s contact information if it is not available in the police report.  The attorney could also ask the plaintiff if they have any witness contact information. Once the lawyer obtains the witness contact information, they reach out to them for an interview.

Steps to Take Before Presenting Evidence in Court

In the general district court, the attorney submits the evidence they plan to use to the opposing counsel before they present it to the court. The opposing counsel must know the kind of evidence the attorney plans to present. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to get the police report introduced as evidence. However, someone from the police department could testify that the police report is authentic and accurate. After their testimony, the attorney could introduce the police report into evidence.

How a Plaintiff Could Help the Attorney Gather Evidence

The most important thing you should know about collecting evidence for car accident litigation in Prince William County is that you should tell the lawyer everything you know about the accident. It is also a good idea for you to keep a record of all the injuries the wreck caused and how they have impacted your life. The attorney is the judge of what information is useful for a case, but it is better to say too much than not enough.