Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Prince William County

There are many factors that can contribute to a car accident, but a factor that is not discussed often is the weather. Car accidents involving bad weather in Prince William County are more common that people might realize. The combination of bad weather and other cars on the road can lead to accidents with near fatal consequences. If you have been injured in a car accident involving dangerous weather speak with a capable car accident attorney that could advocate for you.

Icy Road Accidents

Like most of the DC metropolitan area, Prince William County does not get a lot of snow and, when snow does happen, people generally do not know how to handle it very well. The roads are more rural than in places like DC or even Arlington. Prince William County is a very large geographic area. In that area, there are a lot of different roads and a lot of very small roads that are not well-maintained, so they are more susceptible to icy road conditions, sleet, frost, ice, or black ice. All of these problems are not common for Prince William County residents and can create serious traffic problems when they do arise.

Because Prince William County drivers are not used to these icy conditions, they might not have snow tires or chains for their tires in the snow, and they might not understand as well as drivers in New England that just because they cannot see the ice does not mean that there are not hazardous conditions for drivers. They easily slide on these roads that are not very well-maintained, and this can cause car accidents involving bad weather in Prince William County. That is why it is important for local drivers to be cognizant of the fact that the other drivers on the road are not used to icy weather conditions.

Recoverable Damages in a Dangerous Weather

If the liability is not the driver’s but is assigned to someone else, the person can recover medical expenses as well as any lost wages due to the accident and injuries. They can recover any other damages that are related to the accident that otherwise would not have happened except for the fact that they were injured.

Most importantly, someone can recover for any pain and suffering that they undergo as a result of their injuries. That pain and suffering will vary depending on the jury, but they should be able to recover for the pain and suffering that they experience because of the accident if it is the fault of someone else.

Bad Weather Warning Signs

Sometimes, a driver is driving and feels like their tires are not gripping the road perfectly. They may feel that they are turning and then, all of a sudden, they have a little skid, their tire slips, or it feels like the wheels are not properly gripping the road. If they have had weird weather conditions earlier that year and they feel this sliding feeling in their car, then that should be a warning sign to them that it could easily happen again and, more importantly, that it could happen to other drivers without them realizing.

A driver can easily lose control of the vehicle and crash their car into a tree or the side of the road. It is also possible that they crash their car into a pedestrian or into another vehicle. Drivers should be aware when there are bad or icy conditions that make it difficult to see because if they cannot see the other cars, the other cars cannot see them, and when there is bad visibility, it is often the case that drivers think that because they cannot see anything, there is probably nothing there. This may not be the case, and such thinking can lead to serious accidents.

Value of a Prince William Car Accident Attorney

A lawyer can help those involved in car accidents involving bad weather in Prince William County. The individual will probably have property damage and will need that to be helped in that regard. A lawyer who deals with this stuff all the time can help guide the clients through the process. If the accident was a result of someone else’s negligence, whether it was another driver or maybe it was the city or county for not properly maintaining the roads in the event of a natural emergency or an ice storm or snow conditions, a lawyer can help them make a claim against the person who is responsible or the entity that is responsible.

Individuals can get their medical bills covered as well as their lost wages and pain and suffering paid for by the person who is responsible for the accident. Most importantly, having a lawyer is helpful when one does not know what to do and is in a very difficult situation, namely in a hospital or in a lot of pain at home. A lawyer can help guide the person through the process so that they do not have to manage both their injuries and the legal situation at the same time.

Car Accidents Involving Bad Weather in Prince William County