Fairfax Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

Hit and run accidents occur when the parties are involved in an automobile collision and instead of waiting for police to arrive to make a report of the accident scene, the at-fault driver flees the accident scene and police. Thus, it requires the at-fault party to hit the injured party, and run away from the scene. Hit and run accidents are crimes under the Virginia Code, and may be considered a felony or a misdemeanor offense depending on whether or not there was property damage or significant personal injury. If you have been injured as the result of a hit and run accident, contact an experienced Fairfax hit and run accident attorney as soon as possible for a consultation.

Claiming Compensation

If you have been injured as a result of a hit and run accident, you can absolutely claim compensation for injuries that were cause by someone else’s negligence, even if that person is unknown. If you are involved in a hit and run accident, you should contact the police as soon as possible to generate a report. This will document that an accident occurred and the accident was not your fault. Police will do investigations to determine the identity of the hit and run driver. If you have been involved in a hit and run accident, you should also notify your insurance company as soon as possible. Typically drivers are required to carry uninsured (“UM”) or underinsured (“UIN”) motorist coverage. This UM or UIM policy typically covers someone for being involved in a hit and run accident. Therefore, the injured party’s own insurance company steps in and protects him.

What to do After a Hit and Run

If you are the victim of a hit and run accident, you should ensure your personal safety and, if necessary, contact emergency medical providers such as a hospital or ‘911’. If you are uninjured and are able to safely move the vehicle, you should do so. Otherwise, you should contact ‘911’ and ask for emergency police response in order to document the accident scene as soon as possible.

Next, you should follow-up with any medical treatment that the emergency medical provider suggests. After you have received emergency medical treatment, you should notify the police of your involvement in an accident, participate in the police investigations and notify your insurance company. Afterwards, you should contact an experienced Fairfax hit and run accident attorney to help represent you in making a claim.

Evidence Collected

In hit and run accidents, the same evidence is collected as is collected in other types of car accident cases. The exception is that the only person who is available to make a statement is the injured party. There is typically not another driver available because the driver has fled the scene. Therefore, it is important for the injured party to give a detailed statement of what happened in order for the police to conduct their investigations. The injured party will also need medical bills and all the other future documents, just like the ones associated with any other personal injury case.

Reasons to Contact a Fairfax Hit and Run Accident Lawyer

There are a variety of reasons why a lawyer can help your case. First, a hit and run accident may involve a John Doe, meaning there may be a police investigation in which a Fairfax hit and run accident lawyer can assist in trying to locate the at-fault party through their resources and private investigators. Second, hit and run accidents often involve complicated issues of insurance coverage, including uninsured or under-insured motorist coverage. It is therefore important to get an attorney involved to ascertain potential coverage issues as well.