Fairfax Rollover Accident Lawyer

A rollover accident is a special subset of motor vehicle accidents that occurs when a vehicle rolls over, when its wheels leave the roadway and either the vehicle is on its side or completely rolls over and goes on its top.

There are a variety of different circumstances that may lead to car accident injuries, and the injuries sustained in a rollover accident are often serious. Therefore, if you have been in an accident, you should contact a Fairfax rollover accident attorney as soon as possible. The injuries and the financial and emotional consequences can be serious, and a dedicated personal injury attorney will be able to help you recover compensation for the damages suffered.

Causes of Accidents

There may be a variety of causes for a rollover accident. For example, a vehicle may be forced off the road by a negligent driver. A front, rear, or side impact initially may also lead a rollover accident eventually.

Rollover accidents sometimes occur due to the fault of the drivers themselves, either through poor driving, failure to properly navigate the roadways, overcompensation when they have made an initial negative driving maneuver, or simply driving too fast and trying to maneuver a turn at a high speed.

In their safety mechanisms, vehicles are generally built to sustain side impact and rear end impact injuries. Rollover protection of the vehicle, although it is evolving, is still far behind those other types of areas in terms of safety concerns. There are a variety of injuries that can occur that are unique to rollover accidents, notably, head, neck, and spine injuries all of which should lead to contact with a rollover accident attorney in Fairfax.


It is important to follow the rules of the road when driving on a highway of the Commonwealth. As it pertains to rollover accidents in Fairfax, it is especially important to avoid overcorrection, to drive safely in slippery, snowy, or icy conditions, and to use precaution if driving larger vehicles that are more prone to rollover accidents, such as vans or SUVs.

If a person is hit by another driver, they may not have the ability to prevent a rollover accident. Many times, accidents occur so fast that people have little ability to actively prevent themselves from being involved in an accident. There are common situations that occur in which people are involved in rollover accidents by no fault of their own.

Unique Cases

Rollover accidents in Fairfax often have a far stronger likelihood to result in catastrophic injuries than other categories of accidents due to the severe forces involved when a vehicle rolls over. There are often serious injuries, if not catastrophic injuries, in rollover accident cases, which makes them unique.

Rollover accidents can also cause rubbernecking, since a vehicle may be lying on its side or flipped over, and this may lead to other accidents.

Documenting Accidents

In these accidents, drivers and passengers often have to be extracted from the car through some assistance of an outside person. Therefore, they may not be in the position to document the accident. It is important to try and get a copy of a police report and reach out to potential third party witnesses if a person is involved in a rollover accident.

Working with and Accident Attorney

If a person is injured in an accident and is not determined to be at fault, they are entitled to damages. A Fairfax rollover accident attorney who practices in this area commonly can help individuals understand what rights they have, how to pursue a potential claim, and how they may benefit from having the services of an attorney to assist them.