Fairfax Side Impact Collision Lawyer

A side impact collision occurs when a vehicle is struck from the broad side which are often referred to as broadside collisions or t-bone accidents. Side impact collisions can occur anywhere. The most common places, however, are at either controlled or uncontrolled intersections, when one party fails to yield the right of way or disregards a traffic control device, such as a stop sign or a red light.

If you have been injured in a car accident where a vehicle struck another from the side, a Fairfax side impact collision attorney can help. An experienced car accident attorney will be able to assist you in seeking compensation for your damages.

Common Injuries

Because the side impact collision may occur in a soft spot of the vehicle, such as the doors instead of the main side beams, there may be significant property damage. There may be broken windows, dented or caved-in doors, or frame damage.

There also could be significant personal injuries including: neck injuries, back injuries, fractures to the legs and arms, facial abrasions, and lacerations.

What to Do After an Accident

The first thing a person should do after a side impact collision is to evaluate their own level of injury. If they are injured to the point that medical attention is needed, emergency medical services should be immediately contacted by calling 911.

If the impact is slight or an individual does not feel that they were injured at that time, they can call emergency 911 and ask for the law enforcement to come to the scene to assess the accident and determine faults. Typically, in severe side impacts, someone has already likely witnessed the accident and called 911. If the person is injured, they should remain there until medical personnel arrive at the scene.

Recovering Damages

Like all other accidents, if a person is involved in a side impact collision, they may be entitled to damages for the injuries sustained. There are a few different categories of damages, including special damages, such as payments for the medical charges as well as payment for any lost wages that may occur.

A person may also may be able to state a claim for general compensatory damages, which would include damages that are commonly referred to as ‘pain and suffering’ as well as the damages for the inconvenience that they went through. As a Fairfax side impact attorney can explain, this inconvenience can include anything from the pain of having to recover to the length of time that a person was unable to do the things they wanted to do.

Punitive Damages

Furthermore, depending on the specific facts and circumstances of an individual’s side impact collision, they may be entitled to punitive damages. Punitive damages are a special subset of damages in Virginia that are meant to punish a wrongdoer whose actions that led to another person’s injuries that were especially egregious. Generally, punitive damages are not available in personal injury cases, but there are some exceptions in which punitive damages would be available.

An experienced side impact collision attorney in Fairfax can help a client understand what damages would be available to the client, how these damages are calculated, what a fair and reasonable damages expectation would be, as well as what whether or not punitive damages would apply in the client’s case.

Benefit of an Attorney

When a person suffers injuries from a side impact collision, the last thing that they should be worried about is whether or not they are following correct legal procedures in forwarding their claim. This is where an experienced Fairfax side impact collision attorney can be valuable.

An experienced attorney can help take care of the insurance company, deal with medical bills and collections, and cover everything else related to legal matters so that their client can focus on recovery. When the proper times comes, a lawyer can help submit a demand to the insurance company, if that is ultimately necessary for resolving the case. Litigation may be pursued to get a client a fair result.