Alexandria Dangerous Products Attorney

Every year in the United States, thousands of people get injured due to defective and dangerous products. All along the production and distribution lines, manufacturers are liable for the safety of their products, but sometimes a rush to get the item in the hands of consumers can lead to all sorts of design defects, manufacturing mistakes, and poor labeling. The result is that people suffer from accidents of varying severity and, based upon that severity, may need to seek the assistance of an Alexandria dangerous products lawyer. You can consult with an attorney by contacting our Virginia offices.

Dangerous Products in Virginia

Dangerous Product Lawyer in Alexandria VAIn Virginia, in general terms, a product is supposed to be reasonably safe for its intended purpose. If misuse of a product could cause injury, the manufacturer is obligated to warn a buyer of the danger. Therefore, the manufacturer of a cleaning product, for instance, would carry a warning to keep it away from children and pets.

If you are injured by a product, it does not necessarily mean that the product is defective. You might have used it incorrectly despite clear warning labels on how to correctly use the product. You must prove negligence on the part of the manufacturer in order to pursue a dangerous product claim, also known as product liability. In Virginia, you have two years after the date of injury by a defective product to file a lawsuit. That time frame may be extended if the injured person is a minor or mentally challenged adult.

Examples of Dangerous Products

Some products cause injury because there is a flaw in the design. One famous case was the Ford Pinto of the 1970s. Destructive accidents resulted because the position of the gas tank made it vulnerable to a rear end collision. Other design flaws include tires that easily blow out, baking pans that can’t hold the weight of a turkey, helmets that shatter easily, lawn mowers that leave the operator exposed to flying rocks, and, in recent news, poorly manufactured ignition switches on certain makes of GM automobiles that have had deadly consequences.

In other cases, the design is fine but the manufacturing is lacking. Examples include: exploding toilet valves, leaking batteries that cause severe burns, and vehicles with engines that easily ignite in traffic collisions.

If You Have Been Injured by a Dangerous Product

Anyone injured by a defective product should save the packaging as well as anything that remains of the product itself. The remains of such an accident are important evidence in any product liability case.

If you or a loved one has been injured by a defective product, call an Alexandria dangerous products lawyer who is knowledgeable about Virginia product liability laws and knows how to win rightful compensation. These types of lawsuits are complex. A successful claim must involve knowledge not only of the state laws but also the technology that is involved in design and manufacturing. These lawsuits must demonstrate three important points:

  • The plaintiff received the product in its intended condition.
  • The plaintiff used the product as directed or intended.
  • The product was unsafe because the plaintiff was injured while using it in the intended manner.

Secure the Evidence and Contact a Lawyer

It is important to keep the product in the same condition as it was received. Manufacturers have been known to dispose of a defective product to get rid of any evidence that a plaintiff can use their advantage. You should also keep all labels and other papers relating to the purchase of the product.

It is also important to contact an Alexandria dangerous product attorney as soon as possible after your injury. The personal injury group at our firm can consult with experts to determine the flaw in design or manufacturing that caused your injury. Our attorneys can investigate whether drug manufacturers failed to give adequate warnings about side effects of prescription as well as over-the-counter drugs. Sometimes, more than one party is responsible for the damage caused in defective products or defective warnings and can be pursued for compensation.

If you have been injured by product liability, you may be due compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, and lost earning capacity as well as pain and suffering. Call an Alexandria dangerous product lawyer with our firm today to discuss your legal options.