DC Child Pedestrian Accident Lawyer

In a child pedestrian accident, the injuries are almost always severe – or fatal — to the young person involved. Sadly, children are hurt in pedestrian accidents more often than adults. Approximately 50,000 children are hit by motor vehicles each year. Many of these incidents occur when children are walking to and from school. Even though there are laws to be extra cautious in school zones, the laws do not prevent every child pedestrian accident. If your child has been hurt in this way, call a DC child pedestrian accident lawyer today for a free consultation on your potential case.

Extra Caution Can Prevent a Child Pedestrian Car Accident

Drivers have a responsibility to watch for children in roadways in order to avoid a child pedestrian car accident. Such accidents are more likely to happen near schools and schools buses. At times, children dart in and out of traffic, and may be difficult to see due to their small size. That is why drivers are expected — and legally required – to drive extra carefully in these high risk areas. (Learn more about pedestrian accident statistics).

By working with an experienced DC child pedestrian accident lawyer, you may be able to prove that a driver was not exercising appropriate caution when driving in a school zone or in close proximity to a school bus.  By demonstrating a lack of care, you may be able to file a claim and receive compensation for the injuries sustained by your child.

Child pedestrian accidents and school buses

Most children killed in school bus crashes (approximately 80%) are not harmed while riding the bus. The worst injuries are suffered as they board and exit the vehicle. Unfortunately, these child pedestrian accidents could have been easily prevented if basic safety measures and caution had been employed.

For example, school buses that stop to pick up or drop off a child extend stop signs and display flashing lights. Drivers going in both directions must stop and wait until the stop sign is retracted and lights are turned off before proceeding. After exiting, many children cross the street, which is when they are struck by vehicles too impatient to wait before driving on.  Luckily, in many instances, there are witnesses to child pedestrian accidents.  By working with a lawyer, you may be able to utilize the testimony of these witnesses to generate a solid case in your favor.

Child pedestrian car accidents and speeding

Child pedestrian car accidents are supposed to be minimized in school zones, which have reduced speed limits. Reasons for these special limits include:

  • Slow moving vehicles are more likely to stop quickly if needed
  • Speed is a key factor in the severity of pedestrian injuries
  • Special speed limit signs alert drivers to be cautious in designated areas

Speeding in most zones where there is an official and clearly-posted sign is considered unlawful, and so any evidence that may indicate an individual was breaking the law when an accident occurred may help you to demonstrate that he or she was driving dangerously. Although you may not receive any sort of compensation from a criminal case, your child pedestrian accident attorney can assist you in filing a separate civil claim to receive compensation for the injuries sustained by your child.

A DC Child Pedestrian Accident Lawyer Can Help

Child Pedestrian Accident Lawyer in DCIt can be hard to cope with the fact that your child pedestrian accident may have been prevented. Even if the harm suffered was not fatal, these types of accidents often mean life-altering injuries for survivors. Extensive, costly medical care may be necessary. The only way to afford it may be by pursuing a lawsuit against those who wronged your loved ones.

If your son or daughter was involved in a child pedestrian accident, contact our personal injury lawyers as soon as possible. We want to fight for the compensation you and your family deserve. Call our firm today.