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Trusting another person with the care of your child can be difficult, but in a career-driven society where workers are expected to work nine-to-five, it may be necessary. Daycares and other childcare facilities are responsible for caring for children when their parents are unable to, and most of the time, they are held to remarkably high health and safety standards.

Unfortunately, some daycares and preschools do not adhere to state health and safety standards. Such negligent behavior can be dangerous to children, and in negligent or unlicensed facilities, injuries to children are more likely to occur. Since children are smaller and their bodies are less developed, injuries that would be minor to adults can be catastrophic for children.

If you have questions about negligent childcare facilities, a Virginia daycare liability for accidents and injuries lawyer may be able to help you. Let a seasoned daycare negligence attorney help you understand your rights.

Direct and Vicarious Liability in Daycare Injury Cases

Under certain circumstances, a childcare center, school, or any employer of a caretaker can be held liable for an injury. The legal concept of vicarious liability allows parents to hold a caretaker and their employer liable for an injury, even though their employer may not be directly responsible.

Unfortunately, however, administrators of public schools or childcare centers owned by the government may not be liable in the event of an injury due to state statutes.

Employers can be held liable for a variety of reasons, even if they are not directly responsible for injury a child. Employers have an obligation to hire the most qualified childcare workers, so if one of their workers causes an injury to a child, they can be held liable.

They also have a legal obligation to perform extensive background checks, properly train employees, and ensure employees understand safety and health regulations.

Duty of Care

Childcare centers and their administrators and owners owe a duty of care to anyone child they care for. Legally, when a person or entity owes a duty of care to another person or entity, they are obligated to ensure the safety of the other party to a reasonable degree. For example, if a fire occurs in a facility, the owners and workers have a duty of care to help anyone inside exit to safety.

If a child sustains a preventable injury while in the care of another party, their parents may be able to argue the other party did not adhere to their duty of care. If the injury was foreseeable under the specific circumstances, such an argument might be true. If the injury or accident was not foreseeable or preventable on behalf of the caretaker, parents may not be able to file suit.

Defective Products

Sometimes, it is not possible to hold a childcare center responsible for an injury. If an injury is caused by a defective product, such as a crib or toy, a Virginia daycare liability for accidents and injuries lawyer may be able to help parents file a suit against the makers of the product. Defective products harm numerous children each year, and it is only right for their manufacturers to be held liable in court.

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If your child was injured while in the care of another person or childcare facility, you and your child may be entitled to compensation for your pain and emotional suffering. Such pain and suffering can be overwhelming, both financially and psychologically, and it is only right for your child to receive the justice they deserve.

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