Virginia Daycare Health and Safety Standards

Millions of parents and guardians around the country trust daycares with the health and safety of their kids each day. Daycare services can be held in professional facilities or private home settings, but for the most part, the majority of daycares are safe and secure. Unfortunately, there are some that fail to meet state health and safety standards.

Virginia daycare health and safety standards exist to protect children and ensure they have access to the highest quality care possible. They also ensure anyone running a daycare has the proper credentials and background. If a child is injured in a negligent or abusive daycare, their parents should be able to hold them liable financially.

If you are considering taking action against a negligent or unsafe daycare, you must learn more about safety and health standards before filing suit. Get in touch with a compassionate daycare negligence lawyer today.

State Licensing Requirements

Every state, including Virginia, has licensing requirements for daycares and other types of childcare facilities. Licenses are only issued to competent staff members and administrators, so for the most part, there is little need to worry about the safety of most childcare centers. Unfortunately, just because a childcare center is licensed, does not mean it cannot violate state health and safety standards.

Daycares have a responsibility to maintain a safe and healthy environment for all children by ensuring:

  • All facilities are clean and free of health hazards.
  • Childcare workers are qualified and safety-oriented.
  • Children are properly supervised at all times.
  • Any injuries or illnesses sustained by children are adequately reported to parents and appropriate authorities.
  • State licensure is continually maintained.

By taking the previously listed measures, daycares can prevent health and safety violations and remain open.

Duty of Care

As stated above, childcare centers have a legal obligation to adhere to Virginia daycare health and safety standards at all times. If a child is injured due to a failure to adhere to these standards, parents may be able to hold the daycare center responsible and recover damages. During proceedings, the court will examine the actions of the daycare workers and whether they were reasonable.

If the court finds the actions of the workers or administrators were not reasonable or in the best interest of the injured child, they may be forced to pay compensation to the parents of the child. A duty of care is owed to all children in daycare, and if a childcare center does not uphold this duty of care, they should be held liable.

Common Daycare Health and Safety Violations

Daycare health and safety standards can be violated in a plethora of ways. Some of the most common violations in daycares pertain to:

  • Physical, emotional, and sexual abuse
  • Caretaker negligence or recklessness
  • Safety code violations/unsanitary environments
  • Failure to supervise
  • Unlicensed centers and workers

Abuse and safety code violations can place children at risk, as can caretaker negligence and poor supervision. When a child is not properly supervised, they can become a danger to themselves and others. For this reason, daycare workers should be sure to monitor the children and their behavior at all times.

Reach Out to a Lawyer Who Understands Virginia Daycare Health and Safety Standards

If your child was injured in a daycare, you may be entitled to financial compensation for their pain and suffering. You may even be entitled to compensation for medical bills and any other injury-related expense. Daycares should never jeopardize the safety of a child just to save money or time, and by taking legal action against negligent childcare centers, you can drive this point home.

Reach out to a seasoned lawyer who understands Virginia daycare health and safety standards today.