Arlington Bus Accident Lawyer

In addition to various routes operated by Metrobus, Arlington residents also receive “common carrier” transportation services through the county-operated Arlington Transit system, as well as school bus transit for K-12 students and long-distance service from various private companies. With all these massive vehicles on the road at once, accidents are unfortunately something of an inevitability—and sometimes, those accidents would have been avoidable were it not for negligence by the operator or owner of the bus involved.

If a bus driver or operating entity’s misconduct was the direct cause of injuries you sustained recently, you may want to discuss legal options with an Arlington bus accident lawyer. Once retained, your dedicated personal injury attorney could explain all the legal rules and regulations applicable to your claim, help collect evidence demonstrating fault and proving the value of your losses, and tirelessly seek every cent of the restitution you deserve.

Private Versus Public Bus Accident Litigation

Whether operated for profit by private companies or as a public service by government entities, bus services—and every person employed by them—owe a “duty of care” to each person they ferry as well as each person their vehicles passes by in transit. If a bus driver or their employer violates this duty by acting recklessly, carelessly, or aggressively, they could bear financial liability for any harm they cause to any other person as a direct result.

However, different rules apply for bus accident lawsuits depending on whether the entity operating the bus in question is a private company or a public service. For example, if someone gets hurt in a crash involving a bus operated by Arlington County, Code of Virginia §15.2-209 requires the prospective plaintiff or their attorney to file a written summary of their grounds to file suit with county authorities no later than six months after the incident first occurred.

In the same vein, an effective one-year filing deadline applies to claims against Washington’s Metro service for a bus accident that occurred in Arlington County. Both these deadlines are shorter than the two-year filing deadline applicable to most personal injury claims against private entities, so quickly seeking assistance from skilled legal counsel can be especially important after an incident involving a public bus.

What Damages Could a Bus Crash Victim Recover for?

Following an accident involving a private bus that was caused by some other party’s negligence, an injured person may seek compensation from that negligent party for the full value of all damages they sustained because of that incident. This includes not just economic losses like missed work income, personal property damage, and medical bills, but also non-economic “pain and suffering” such as lost enjoyment of life and lost consortium with a spouse.

Unfortunately, some limitations on recovery may apply in cases naming local, district, or state government entities as defendants. However, a seasoned bus wreck lawyer in Arlington could explain any restrictions in more detail and provide irreplaceable assistance overcoming them to the greatest extent possible.

Consider Working with an Arlington Bus Accident Attorney

Even without any passengers aboard, buses are still massive vehicles with the capacity to cause immense harm if not operated properly. To make matters more complex, various specialized laws apply to bus crash cases involving public or state-operated bus services, which can further complicate recovery efforts for plaintiffs possibly dealing with substantial injuries.

Achieving a positive resolution to a claim like this often requires guidance and support from a legal professional who has handled similar ones successfully before. Call today to learn how a seasoned Arlington bus accident lawyer could help you.