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A product liability claim involves someone who has been injured or suffered from damages due to a defective or dangerous product. Claims involving product liability usually adhere to one of two classifications. The first is that the product was defective, which means there was an inherent flaw in the design or manufacture of the product.  The second is that the product is inherently dangerous, meaning that even when it is used in its intended manner, it has the potential to cause harm to the consumer or others beyond whatever warnings may have been issued by the manufacturer. To fully understand whether you have a valid personal injury claim due to a dangerous or defective product, you should speak with an Arlington, VA dangerous products lawyer who has experience litigating these kinds of cases.

Defective Products Claims

Defectively manufactured products are among the most commonly filed claims. These products have errors that occur at the factory or at the design table.  An example of a defective product would be a scooter with brake issues. To file a claim for the scooter issue, the rider must have used the scooter and been hurt as a result of the faulty brakes. If another factor caused the rider’s injury, the case will not be successful.

Defective designs involve a design flaw that is detective or dangerous. An example of a design flaw would be an electric blanket that shocks or burns someone who uses the high setting.

Failure to Warn

Most producers and manufacturers of products provide warnings, or instructions, on the safe use of their products.  A dangerous product lawsuit may be filed when no warning was issued to the consumer, and the product – when used in a reasonable manner for its stated purpose – ended up causing injury. Many of these cases have to do with dangerous drugs that can trigger possible side effects for which the consumer was not warned. An example case not involving medications would be an electric kettle that does not have a warning about the steam valve. These claims are commonly known as “failure to warn” cases.

Understanding each of the possible claims is important. One product could result in a single or multiple claims. For example, a medical drug could have a manufacture defect if arsenic drops in the bottle by accident. If the same bottle shattered unexpectedly and lead to a severe cut, a design defect case is possible. Finally, if someone takes the medicine correctly, but uses aspirin as well because the label had no warning, a failure to warn claim can be filed.

Contributory Negligence and Personal Injury

Virginia is one of a handful of U.S. jurisdictions to operate under the doctrine of contributory negligence.  What this means is that a plaintiff seeking compensation in a personal injury case must not bear any share of the blame for his or her injury.  If he or she is found to be in any part responsible, the suit will be barred from moving forward.  Because some companies may push plaintiffs into making statements in which they accept some share of the blame, having the advice of a skilled product liability lawyer all through the legal process is essential to the success of any claim.

Hiring a lawyer is also advantageous because dangerous products lawyers understand insurance companies and how they operate, helping clients get the best outcomes possible. Having skilled legal representation will help claimants not have to settle for anything less than they are owed.

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