Montgomery County Father’s Rights Lawyer

Ending a marriage involves many complicated factors that impact everyone involved. For families with minor children, the most complex issue is often child custody. As the parents’ living arrangements with each other change, their living arrangements with their children also alter.

Judges make decisions regarding custody and schedules through an analysis of a great deal of information and many factors. The objective is to create a schedule that is best suited to the best interest of the children. However, the courts believe that having a strong relationship with both parents is presumptively most minor children’s best interest.

If you are a father contemplating divorce or already in the middle of one, you need to seek the counsel of a Montgomery County father’s rights lawyer. An experienced family law attorney will be able to support and advocate for you as you navigate the system and protect your rights as a parent.

Custody and Parenting Schedules in Maryland

Judges presiding divorce cases must decide physical custody and legal custody for the children. Physical custody describes the children’s living arrangements. In most current divorces, the children will spend time in both parents’ homes based on a shared parenting time schedule that the court feels is best suited for the children.

Legal custody pertains to the major decisions related to medical care, education, and religious needs for the children. Courts may believe that each parent should have an equal say in these matters. Of course, there are times when the parents will not agree, and where it is better to give one party decision making authority or give certain types of decisions to one parent over the other.

When making custody determinations, the court looks at who the primary caregiver is, the age, health, and gender of the children and the age and heath, the locations of each parent’s residences, and many other factors. An attorney can help fathers understand the best ways to argue for an arrangement that works for their family.

Child Support Calculations in Montgomery County

Child support payments are funds paid from one parent to another and they are mandatory under Maryland law. The payment amounts vary based on the parties’ financial situation and gross income and the custody arrangement with regard to overnights only. When calculating support, the court also looks at the number of children, childcare needs, medical insurance, and healthcare costs.

Courts have the authority to order that a parent include the children on their insurance policies or pay funds related to health insurance or work related school. While there are guidelines that a court will follow in most cases, a party can argue for a variant. Attorneys can help fathers understand their obligations to their children.

Understanding Your Legal Rights as a Father

In the distant past, courts often favored mothers in custody arrangements. Stereotypes once suggested that mothers are the primary caregivers, and courts tended to favor mothers in custody disputes. Society is changing, and courts no longer make these out-dated assumptions regarding childcare and custody.

Maryland law recognizes that fathers play a critical role in the development of their children and that schedules are better for the children when they allow for plenty of time with both parents. In some cases, fathers serve as primary caregivers, and the court needs to acknowledge these family structures. A father’s rights lawyer can help men highlight their role as caregivers so that the judge considers these factors when determining custody.

Montgomery family law attorneys can help fathers understand their legal rights. When a parent knows their rights, they can stand up to protect themselves and their families.

Hiring a Montgomery County Father’s Rights Lawyer

Father’s rights attorneys help dads argue for the best custody and support arrangements for them and their families. Divorce is a stressful procedure for the entire family, and having a strong and experienced advocate on your side helps take some of the worries from a parent’s shoulders.

Children deserve the ability to grow up with a positive relationship with both of their parents. A Montgomery father’s rights lawyer can help you work towards a divorce decree or a final custody order that works for you and your loved ones.