Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer

Injuries sustained from a slip and fall accident can be extremely debilitating and costly. If you have been injured from slipping and falling due to the negligence of the property owner, it is important that you seek the assistance of an experienced Florida slip and fall lawyer to help you get the legal settlement you deserve.

Slip and fall accidents should be taken seriously, and it is essential for you to have the help of a skilled injury attorney by your side who understands your rights in the State of Florida as you navigate the legal process to obtain fair compensation for your injuries.

Florida Slip and Fall Laws

In the State of Florida, someone’s slip and fall injury case rests on proving the negligence of the property owner. Under §768.0755, the burden is on the injured person to prove the “business establishment had actual or constructive knowledge of the dangerous condition and should have taken action to remedy it.”

In addition, the injured person must prove that the dangerous condition existed for such a length of time that the business should have known about it, and the condition was foreseeable because it occurred regularly. Several parties could be responsible for a person’s injuries, such as the business itself, the property owner, or even the shopping mall in which the store was located.

It is important that all parties that could be liable for the accident are included in the case as a defendant to make sure that the settlement is divided equally according to responsibility (a term called comparative negligence).  It is necessary to have a Florida slip and fall attorney who knows how to handle the multiple parties that may be involved and how the settlement will work with different defendants.

Determining Liability

One particularly difficult legal component of slip and fall accidents is determining whether or not the property owner was aware of the hazard and acted prudently to remove it (in other words, if they are liable for someone’s accident).

Florida laws involving slip and fall accidents stipulate that the injured person must prove the property owner had “constructive knowledge” of the dangerous condition but did not rectify the situation. Lawyers often have to rely on circumstantial evidence to prove their client’s case. It is important that an individual obtains the help of a slip and fall accident attorney in Florida who knows how to find the right evidence to prove the property owner’s negligence.

Cases can become very complicated and injured individuals will need an attorney who is experienced in going up against potentially large corporations that have easy access to great legal resources. To ensure their rights are protected, it is important people contact knowledgeable Florida injury attorneys quickly following their accidents.

Contacting a Florida Slip and Fall Lawyer

If you have been injured in a slip and fall accident in the State of Florida, you are entitled to take legal action. Make sure you get the compensation you deserve by getting help from an experienced slip and fall lawyer.

Your attorney will help you collect evidence, build a defense, manage the parties involved, and communicate with you every step of the way to make sure your needs are met and your rights are protected.