Florida Medical Malpractice Lawyer

A medical provider’s role is to keep their patient’s healthy and cared for to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, healthcare providers sometimes may act in a negligent way that causes harm. If you have been injured due to medical malpractice, you may be entitled to compensation for the injuries you have sustained and the ways in which that injury has affected your day-to-day life.

In order to ensure that you get the settlement you deserve, it is important for you to get legal assistance from an experienced Florida medical malpractice lawyer. Injuries due to medical malpractice and/or negligence should not be ignored, and healthcare providers should be held responsible for the harm you have sustained.

A compassionate malpractice lawyer can assist you in protecting your rights from beginning to end, providing you with necessary information, communicating with you clearly and frequently, and ultimately getting you the settlement you deserve.

Florida Medical Malpractice Laws

In the State of Florida, healthcare facilities are required by law to adopt a comprehensive risk program that makes them liable for “failure to exercise due care” in performing duties with regard to a patient. In addition, every facility must carry liability insurance for not less than $1.5 million per claim and $5 million annual aggregate. However, the insurance requirements for doctors in private practice in offices and outside of facilities are much less than that for hospitals.

A medical malpractice attorney in Florida is well-versed in these liability statutes and can use them to build a strong case for the healthcare facility’s negligence. A Florida attorney experienced in medical malpractice suits knows that proof of injury is not enough – individuals must prove that the medical provider caused the injury for which they are seeking compensation.

The defense may often attempt to prove their condition was pre-existing, or that it would have happened with or without the provider’s error. They will need an attorney who understands how to make the appropriate legal connections between their injuries and the fault of the provider.

Statute of Limitations

It is also important that a person abides by the Florida statute of limitations, which a Florida medical malpractice lawyer will be very familiar with.

Unlike other personal injury limitations, which are more cut-and-dry, the statute of limitations involving medical malpractice states that the case should be commenced within two years from either the incident or the time of discovery.

However, the statute also claims, “In no event shall the action be commenced later than four years” from the incident or discovery. Someone will need the help of a lawyer who can ensure their case falls within the statute of limitations and knows how to navigate the statute appropriately.

Benefit of an Attorney

There is a good chance that the hospital or medical office in which you were injured will reach out to you and attempt to offer a quick settlement. They may even advise you not to get a lawyer involved because they will take a portion of your settlement.

However, much like the way insurance companies will attempt to reach a fast settlement in auto accidents, the compensation these offices may provide you with are typically not in your best interest. Obtaining the help of a medical malpractice attorney in Florida will help you to gain the knowledge you need to negotiate a fair settlement with your best interests in mind.

In a similar vein, you will need the help of a Florida medical malpractice lawyer who has experience dealing with large offices or hospitals that have skilled legal teams. You will need a lawyer who knows the details and nuances of every step in filing a claim, submitting evidence, determining liability, and more. You do not have to go up against these healthcare facilities and their high-end lawyers alone.