DC Nursing Home Bedsore Treatment Cost

If you or someone you love developed bedsores in a nursing home, you may be concerned about past or future medical expenses. Whether you received medical treatment in the nursing home or had to be transferred to a hospital, the cost of treatment may be staggering.

You may not have to shoulder the financial burden of bedsore treatment if a person or facility’s negligence caused the decubitus ulcers. Speaking with a seasoned attorney may help to clarify issues of liability and damages in your situation. Reach out to an attorney if you have questions regarding compensation for the DC nursing home bedsore treatment cost.

Possible Compensation for Nursing Home Patients with Bedsores

Medical costs may be a significant aspect of damages in a case involving bedsore treatment. Washington DC nursing home bedsore treatment costs may vary, based on the nature and extent of the injury and any complications. Typically, an individual who receives treatment for decubitus ulcers in the hospital setting could incur charges of approximately $125,000. The following treatment or services may be included:

  • Lab testing
  • Radiology
  • Surgery
  • Medications
  • Debridement

If a nursing home’s negligence caused the pressure sores, the patient may be able to recover the costs of hospital visits. In more severe cases, a patient with bedsores may require weeks or months of medical treatment. A life care plan may be appropriate if medical professionals anticipate the need for future medical care.

An attorney could assist an individual or their family in securing expert opinions regarding the costs of future medical care. If a nursing home’s negligence caused the pressure sores, both past and future medical expenses stemming from the injury may be recoverable.

Non-economic damages may be recoverable in a medical malpractice claim based on bedsores. Non-economic damages may address the individual’s loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, and inconvenience. People who are close to the injured individual may be able to provide testimony regarding the way in which the bedsores affected the injured party’s life.

Liability for Bedsore Treatment Expenses

Nursing home medical staff have a duty to provide adequate care to all patients. However, overwhelmed or overworked staff may make careless errors in patient care that result in bedsores. Failing to reposition a bed-bound patient, failing to meet a patient’s nutritional needs, or failing to provide wound care may constitute medical negligence.

In determining if the nursing home is liable for the treatment costs stemming from bedsores, the standard of care is a central issue. It is important to determine what a reasonable physician would have done under the circumstances. Additionally, if nursing home staff or physicians failed to meet the standard of care, proving that their negligence caused the bedsores is crucial to a claim against the nursing home.

If the nursing home’s negligence caused a patient to have pressure sores, then the nursing home could be liable for relevant treatment costs. A nursing home defendant may attempt to deny liability, but an attorney could help injured individuals build a case and prove medical malpractice. A medical malpractice claim based on bedsores could be resolved by settlement or by the trial verdict.

Talk with an Attorney Regarding DC Nursing Home Bedsore Treatment Expenses

Resolving a claim against a nursing home in DC could be difficult, without legal representation. Contact an attorney if you have concerns regarding medical negligence and DC nursing home bedsore treatment cost.