DC Traumatic Brain Injury Claims

Traumatic brain injuries (TBIs) are among the most severe categories of injuries that an individual can suffer. These injuries can have life-altering effects on the individual, and can present many obstacles that the individual may not have thought they would have to deal with in their lifetime. To be able to understand the legal procedures that must take place after a traumatic injury, it is crucial to contact an experienced lawyer. The right attorney can help craft a strong case, and assist you in recovering any and all damages that you justly deserve.

Defining a TBI

A traumatic brain injury is an injury to the brain that is caused by either the head or skull striking a fixed object, or an object piercing or fracturing the skull. A traumatic brain injury can also occur by a shearing effect of the tissue of the brain, without the striking of the head. Anyone who has suffered a traumatic brain injury should seek medical attention at the closest emergency room.

A person should rely upon his or her own judgment in seeking medical attention. If a person believes that they have suffered a traumatic brain injury, then they should seek the appropriate medical attention that they believe is appropriate and necessary based on the circumstances of that trauma.

Importance of Evidence

Evidence in a traumatic brain injury case is typically presented through the use of expert medical testimony. A qualified medical expert witness will inform the jury as to the nature and extent of the injuries sustained, as well as the correlating treatment for the injuries. A qualified, experienced personal injury attorney will collect all the information necessary after a traumatic brain injury, and coordinate trial testimony with the expert witnesses so that all of the requisite evidence is presented to the jury for consideration.

Liability is established in a similar manner in all personal injury cases, including cases of traumatic brain injury. Liability is a term that deals with who is at fault for the incident. What evidence will be used to establish liability depends on the facts and circumstances of that individual case.

It is important for an injured person to have a good working relationship with his or her attorney. After suffering a traumatic brain injury, the most important role of the injured person is to keep the attorney informed regarding the physicians and facilities that treat him or her for the injuries sustained. As long as the attorney has the name of the doctors and facilities that treated an individual following a traumatic brain injury, they can obtain the records necessary in order to prosecute the claim properly.

Speaking with Insurance

Whenever anyone is involved in an incident giving rise to a personal injury claim, he or she will be contacted by a number of insurance carriers, including both the at-fault party’s insurance carrier as well as his or her own insurance carrier. It is best to consult with a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney to get advice as to whether communicating with an insurance company is in the injured person’s best interest.

However, it is usually in the best interest of the injured person to not communicate with any insurance company until a full assessment of the nature and extent of injuries can be done.

Importance of Contacting a TBI Lawyer

After a traumatic brain injury, anyone who has suffered due to the negligence of another should contact a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney. That attorney can then begin his or her investigation of the claims as soon as possible, and advise the injured person accordingly. A lawyer can help to ensure that the individual who has suffered an injury may receive the maximum settlement available based upon the facts and circumstances of the claim.

A traumatic brain injury lawyer will follow the medical treatment given to the injured person. The nature of the case will rest primarily upon the medical documentation of the injuries and corresponding treatment. Thus, a qualified personal injury attorney will take care of any and all side issues involving the claim, and assist each person in his or her recovery.