Safety and Preventative Measures in a DC Bicycle Accident Case

Bicycle accidents can have near fatal consequences for an individual. While it is impossible to completely prevent bike crashes, there are certain safety and preventative measures in a DC bicycle accident case, that you can take. By taking measures like wearing a helmet or following traffic rules, you could protect yourself, minimize your own liability in an accident, and also minimize the severity of the injuries you may sustain. Speak with a qualified bike accident attorney that could advocate for you.

Preventative Measures Bicyclists Should Take

There are a variety of safety and preventative measures in a DC bicycle accident case that a cyclist can take. Some of the most important measures a person can take include wearing reflective clothing, following traffic signals, and wearing a helmet. An individual should have a light on their bicycle if they are going to ride through the night. People are skeptical of bicyclists, so it is important to remember that they are not always ignoring traffic signs. When a bicyclist rides on the sidewalks, they should know that pedestrians have the right of way.

Using Hands to Signal 

Generally, people do not understand that bicyclists must also follow the traffic laws. A bicyclist should communicate their intentions by using hand signals to alert nearby vehicles when they plan to make a turn.

A bicyclist is supposed to signal when possible because it gives pedestrians and motorists an indication of what direction they are going to take so they can anticipate the cyclist’s actions. The bicyclist does not want to compromise their signal. Three seconds before the turn, they should put their hands back on the wheel and make sure they can turn and navigate the bicycle safely.

Safety Measures Automobile Drivers Can Take

To help prevent bicycle accidents, the first thing automobile drivers can do is obey traffic signals. When the driver enters an intersection, they should pay attention. Even though they have the right of way, another vehicle may do something unexpected that creates a measure of risk. As a motorist, drivers should keep an eye out for everyone to ensure their safety and everyone else’s safety.

Rules Regarding Bicycle Helmets

There is no law that requires someone 18 years of age to wear a bicycle helmet in DC. Helmets are required for someone under the age of 16. But, everyone should wear a bicycle helmet.

It is also important to keep in mind that a jury can hold a cyclist responsible for head injuries if they were not wearing a helmet when they were involved in a bicycle accident. A jury is probably going to be less sympathetic to someone not wearing a helmet because they did not use good judgment. As a result, that could diminish their recovery or prevent them from recovering anything at all. Even though there is no legal requirement to wear a bicycle helmet, the jury may question the person’s judgment. When the jury thinks the person does not have good judgment, they are less likely to find good favor from the jury.

Importance of Bicycle Helmets

Wearing a camera is another one of the safety and preventative measures in a DC bicycle accident case. Having a camera attached to the bicycle or the person’s helmet creates a record of what actually happened. Many times, the lawsuit is a he-said, she-said situation. When the bicyclist has a camera, the authorities can see what happened.

Steps to Take Following an Accident

Following a bicycle accident, the first thing a person should do is call the police. The next thing is to make sure that they get any medical care they need. If there are witnesses, they should get witness information. If their bicycle is damaged, they should make sure they take pictures of the damage to the bicycle.

Information Bicyclists Should Carry at All Times

A bicyclist should have their identification and emergency contact information on their person. They should carry their health insurance information in case something happens.

It would be most helpful if the person had their blood type, medical information, and emergency contacts with them when they are riding their bicycle. By staying aware of the safety and preventative measures in a DC bicycle accident case and working with a skilled attorney, an individual could ensure that their rights are protected.