Out of State Bicyclists in Washington, DC

If you are an out of state bicyclist who is planning on riding in Washington, DC the following are some of the important things you should know regarding local bike laws and the dangers of biking in DC. For assistance with filing an injury claim or to learn more about how DC bike laws differ from those in Maryland or Virginia, call and schedule a consultation with a DC bike accident injury lawyer today.

What Out of State Bicyclists Should Know About DC Bike Laws

If you are a bicyclist from out of state it is important you know that you are able to share a lane with other bicyclists and cars and that you can pass on both the right and the left side, unlike a car which can only legally pass on the left. Additionally, a bicyclist is allowed to pass a moving or stopped car in the same lane and is not legally reaquired to stay in a bike lane even if one is present.

With that said, bicyclists are expected to obey all the rules of the road, including yielding to pedestrians in crosswalks and sidewalks. In Washington, DC bicyclists are not required to wear helmets, however, wearing one is strongly encouraged.

Dangers of Riding Bikes in Washington, DC

People riding bicyclists from out of state need to be aware of all the pot holes in the roads and that way that traffic lights sometimes change as to which lane is going forward and which is going backwards. Furthermore, there are a lot of roundabouts and traffic circles in the DC area, and  lots of public transportation to look out for including buses, trolleys, taxi cabs, and Lyft drivers. These are all potential hazards for bicyclists especially those who weave in and out of traffic.

Tips For Out of State Bicyclists Riding in DC

An out-of-state biker just needs to know that they can still bring a claim in Maryland or in DC if they’re involved in an accident in DC. They should learn the rules of the road in DC, specifically the DC pocket guide for bicycles and bicycle riding. Some examples of what to do and what not to do and common enforcement errors or tickets.

The bicyclist should know that bicycles can share a lane with a care and other bicyclists, that a bicycle can pass on the left or right of the vehicle or pass in the same lane as a vehicle, whereas cars can pass only on the left.

They should also know that while a helmet is not required, it is highly recommended. It may be a minor inconvenience or ruin someone’s hair, but it can also literally save your life.