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A DC Bike Accident Lawyer can help if you were struck by a negligent driver while you were on your bicycle.If you’ve been involved in a bike accident in Washington DC, you will probably have a number of questions.  Is there any available legal recourse for receiving compensation for these damages and losses? What can you do to improve your chances of attaining financial compensation for your injuries? A DC bike accident lawyer with our firm can help you answer these pressing questions.

With the assistance of an aggressive DC bike accident lawyer, you can receive proper compensation for such things as: loss of consortium, inability to work, medical bills, pain and suffering, and other harms and losses suffered. The primary goal of a reputable DC bicycle accident attorney will be to ensure that you will not suffer financially because of the injuries you or your loved one has received in an accident. 

Can Settlement Values be Predicted in DC Bike Accident Claims?

When plaintiffs explain their cases to bicycle accident lawyers, their primary concern is often how much their claim could potentially be worth. Unfortunately, predicting the value of a settlement prior to a trial is very difficult given the number of factors the judge, jury, and insurance company involved must consider. Although the DC bike accident lawyer you hire may be capable of giving you a ballpark figure, he or she will never guarantee a specific value due to the extensive breadth of influencing factors.

Washington, DC has a reputation for having a high ratio of frivolous personal injury claims in which plaintiffs attempt to “cheat the system” in order to receive an easy payout. These claims are often dismissed, or only result in a tiny settlement. There are many inexperienced or unskilled bicycle accident lawyers who prefer to settle early, resulting in smaller settlement values for their clients and further lowering the average. By hiring a skilled, experienced DC bike accident lawyer you increase your chance for a much larger settlement.

How Juries Influence Settlement Values in Bike Accident Claims

If and when your case is brought to a trial, a jury will examine the various factors of the case in order to determine whether you’re entitled to damages, as well as the value of that settlement. Some of the specific factors that the jury will consider include, but are not limited to:

  • Pain and suffering resulting from your injuries and the crash itself
  • Loss of companionship resulting from the same
  • The severity of the crash
  • The condition of your bicycle before and after the crash
  • The severity of your injuries, including whether they are permanent, whether they can be verified through diagnostic testing and their overall extent
  • Whether witnesses saw the bicycle crash occur
  • The credibility of the witnesses
  • The jury’s perceived credibility of you and the defendant
  • Any arguments asserted by the defense attorney
  • Your lawyer’s ability to rebuff those arguments
  • The overall strength and credibility of your liability case
  • Whether factors such as speed, drugs and alcohol were factors in the case

An experienced DC bike accident lawyer will examine all of these factors and determine how they can best be presented to a jury of your peers. The strength of your lawyer’s presentation can have as much of an impact on the monetary value of your settlement as the facts of the case themselves.

How Insurance Companies Influence Settlement Values

Well before your case reaches a trial, you will almost certainly receive a phone call from the insurance company of the individual who caused the crash. A representative from the insurance company will offer you an initial settlement value in order to persuade you to not bring your case to trial. Although it may be extremely tempting to accept the offer, which may indeed seem large depending on the circumstances of the case, this is rarely a wise idea. By settling now, you’ll lose your right to bring the case to trial and seek a larger settlement. Settlement values can increase between the time of this initial offer and the time of the trial.

Insurance companies use automated software to determine the settlement award amount they’ll offer you, both initially and as your case is ongoing. Some of these factors include the following (but exclude pain and suffering, which are only considered by trial juries):

  • Medical records confirming your injuries
  • Whether your injuries are subjective (soft tissue injuries, visual disturbances, dizziness, etc.) or objective (proven through diagnostic testing, e.g. paralysis, herniated discs, broken bones, brain damage, etc.)
  • The overall severity of the accident
  • Wages lost now and wages expected to be lost in the future
  • Any other information provided by your attorney

The insurance company will also examine the practice history of your hired attorney in order to determine whether he or she tends to accept early settlement offers, or is known to fight for a larger settlement value in court. If the insurance company determines that your DC bike accident lawyer doesn’t back down easily, they’ll likely increase their settlement offer in hopes of settling before a trial occurs. Contact our firm to speak with an attorney and learn your option.

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