Virginia Wrongful Police Shooting Lawyer

The police officers in Virginia are often referred to as the thin blue line that maintains and protects society against the threat of chaos. These men and women receive extensive training and undergo constant evaluation to supposedly ensure that they do their jobs correctly.

Yet despite these safety measures and protocols, incidents involving police violence against undeserving citizens are on the rise. The worst of these incidents can involve wrongful shootings. The victims of these shootings have numerous options to pursue justice and financial compensation.

A Virginia wrongful police shooting lawyer could help these individuals to investigate the incident, file complaints alleging civil rights violations, and demand compensation from responsible police departments in Virginia courts.

When a Shooting is Wrongful

Police officers are allowed to use force in limited circumstances. In a broad sense, officers may use force to protect themselves against other violence or to prevent a suspect from committing a violent act against another person. Officers should only use deadly force when it is reasonable to do so.

This rule has led to many controversies involving the legal use of deadly force by police officers. Cases considering this question have even been decided by the Supreme Court. In the landmark case of Tennessee v. Garner, 471 U.S. 1 (1985), the Supreme Court held that the use of deadly force against a fleeing, unarmed suspected felon is only justified if there is probable cause that the fleeing suspect is a danger to others.

Of course, a court will examine every case on an individual basis. Accordingly, the question of whether a shooting is wrongful goes hand in hand with whether the use of force was reasonable given the circumstances. A Virginia wrongful police shooting lawyer could help clients to examine the reasonableness of police actions.

Options for Pursuing the Case

Plaintiffs in wrongful police shooting incidents have two options to seek justice. The first is to file a civil rights complaint through the Department of Justice, as the DoJ has the authority to investigate and punish police forces who abuse their power.

Victims of this abuse can petition the FBI and DoJ to open an investigation. However, even if the DoJ finds fault on the part of the police department, they have little power to order that department to reimburse a victim for their losses. To accomplish this, a plaintiff must seek payments through a civil lawsuit.

A Virginia wrongful police shooting lawyer could assist clients to investigate and pursue these lawsuits. This must typically begin with filing a formal complaint through the police department’s own investigatory body. Depending upon the department, this process and the time limit to file a claim may vary greatly. It is essential that potential clients contact an attorney immediately to give their cases the greatest chance for success.

Let a Virginia Wrongful Police Shooting Attorney Assist You

The aftermath of a police shooting can leave a victim and their families feeling hopeless. It can be difficult to ascertain the truth following these incidents and public opinion will typically fall on the side of the officer. Still, this does not mean that the officer and their police department are not responsible for their actions.

Victims of unreasonable police violence have the right to seek justice. This can include both a Department of Justice investigation into civil rights violations and the collection of compensation in civil court. A Virginia wrongful police shooting lawyer could help with both these processes.

There is a limited time to file a claim that depends upon the identity of the offending police department so don’t delay. Let a Virginia wrongful police shooting lawyer get to work for you today.

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