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In the U.S., most slips and falls do not cause serious harm. However, particularly among older Americans, there is the potential for serious accidents that cause life-altering injury or even death. The likelihood of losing balance and experiencing a slip and fall accident increases with the aging process, and older people experience more slip and fall accidents than any other age category. The National Safety Council reports that the odds of a severe slip and fall accident—one that results in a permanent injury or death—are many times greater than the odds of contracting cancer. A Loudoun County slip and fall lawyer can help, to learn more call and schedule a consultation with our personal injury team today.

The Value of a Loudoun County Slip and Fall Lawyer

Older people are more likely to experience a slip and fall because of physiological factors. For example, visual impairment or foot shuffle may contribute to an older person’s slip and fall accident. Diabetes, and resulting foot problems, may also predispose a person to a slip and fall. The number of steps taken while walking correlates to the likelihood of an accident, according to the American Podiatric Association, so older people with smaller strides are more at risk.

According to the Healthy Facilities Institute and researchers at the Johns Hopkins University of Medicine, poor hearing may contribute to balance issues and, therefore, slips and falls. In particular, vestibular dysfunction or disorder, an inner ear problem that increases with age, can cause dizziness. A three-year study by Johns Hopkins revealed that 85 percent of people the age of 80 or older had balance problems related to vestibular disorders. People with vestibular dysfunction are 12 times more likely to experience slip and fall accidents than those who do not suffer from the disorder, according to the study’s findings.

Besides age-related factors, researchers say other issues that contribute to slip and fall incidents include  hormonal imbalance, physical disabilities and problems with general health or concentration/preoccupation. A recent National Safety Council Report concluded that many workplace slips and falls happen because employees are distracted during the work day. Restaurants report more slips and fall claims than other businesses, on the part of employees as well as customers. Property or retail space owners control environmental factors often responsible for slips and falls, such as flooring material used, maintenance and lighting (indoors and outdoors).

When a workplace, such as a restaurant, has frequently greasy or wet floors, the employer may require a certain kind of footwear to prevent slips and falls. If the employee complies, but still suffers a slip and fall, the injured victim may have the right to legal recourse. To ensure the safety of customers as well as employees, it is essential for businesses to address known safety issues on the premises, including floors and walkways. The jury in a slip and fall case will evaluate whether the property owner took reasonable care to correct dangerous or unsafe conditions.

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Personal injury law in Loudoun County is commonly governed by the Virginia statute of limitations, which states that victims of slips and falls, as well as other accidents, have only two years from the time they suffered the injury to file a claim against a negligent party. This highlights the urgency of enlisting an experienced Loudoun County slip and fall lawyer to aid in your claim for relief. The sooner you have an accomplished law professional helping to protect you, the greater your chance for reaching an optimal result. For a free consultation with a Loudoun County slip and fall attorney, call our firm today.