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If you have sustained injuries relating to a dog bite that occurred in Northern Virginia, call our law offices today to speak with a Loudoun County dog bite lawyer. The personal injury team at our firm can help you to build a case and fight to recover damages that can help you to pay for medical expenses and compensate you for your pain and suffering.

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Why Is Working With a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer Important?

If you ever suffer serious injury regardless of the cause, it’s important to contact an attorney. With dog bites in particular, it’s important to contact a Loudoun County dog bite attorney so that he or she can help to identify witnesses, conduct a thorough investigation, and really get to the bottom of what might have caused the injury.

Oftentimes, subpoenas might be necessary in order to access records from animal control (for example), and attorneys have the ability to issue subpoenas with the blessing of the court in a way that a citizen can’t easily do on their own.

In addition, personal injury law it is a very specific area of law with a lot of pitfalls that an injured person needs to be aware of before they get involved. It’s best to contact a Loudoun County dog bite lawyer as soon as you can to make sure that your rights are protected, your interests are represented, and so that you don’t waive any protection or forego any potential path to recovery.

Damages in Loudoun County Dog Bite Cases

In every case, damages are unique and correspond directly to the personal and professional circumstances of the client. Below, we provide some information on damages in Virginia dog bite cases, but you can contact a Loudoun County dog bite lawyer to learn more. In a dog bite case, the injured victim is entitled to recover their economic and non-economic damages if they were caused by the negligence of another.

Economic Damages

Economic damages typically consist of their medical bills for treatment that they received for their injuries suffered as a result of the dog bite, and can also include damages like lost wages, loss of earning capacity, and any other economic costs they incur.  This can include out-of-pocket expenses for prescriptions, durable medical equipment, or medical expenses that may not be covered by insurance, as well as costs that are not necessarily part of their medical treatment but that are nonetheless related to the injury. An example would be such as additional transportation costs if your injury prevents you from using your normal mode of transportation.

Non-Economic Damages

Non-economic damages include payment for what people often refer to as “pain and suffering.” We like to use the term “harms and losses” because these damages are complex and often go beyond simply your physical pain and the emotional toll caused by your injuries. These are real damages that people suffer, but it’s hard to assign a value to pain, suffering, and frustration and interference in your daily life.

These types of damages can include any interference in your ability to perform your job, interference in your recreational activities, interference in what doctors and lawyers call “activities of daily living” (like getting dressed in the morning, doing household chores, driving to work)—basically, things that do not necessarily correlate with your job responsibility, but that you do on a daily basis.

Non-economic damages can also compensate you for loss of time and enjoyment from your recreation activities. If you were an avid golfer prior to your dog bite, and you suffered nerve damage to your arm that prevents you from being able to golf, that is also a compensable damage. If your activities of daily living or your work, leisure, or recreational activities are interfered with because of your injuries, you can be compensated for that.

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If you are suffering from a dog bite in Northern Virginia, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to pursue justice and fair compensation alone. A Loudoun County dog bite lawyer with our firm can help you to start planning your case and work to achieve fair compensation for your injuries. Call our law offices today to complete your free initial consultation.