Leesburg Pedestrian Accident Scenarios

There are a variety of scenarios in which pedestrians are hit by cars and injured. The most common accidents occur around controlled and uncontrolled intersections, however, they can also occur in parking lots, while backing up, and more. If you have been injured in a Leesburg pedestrian accident, contact an attorney today to see if you might be eligible to receive financial compensation for your suffering due to another’s negligence.

Parking Lot Scenarios

Cars turning out of a parking lot into a roadway leads to many pedestrian accidents. The cars are looking for vehicle traffic, not for a person crossing on the sidewalk in front of them. So it is quite common in Leesburg to have pedestrian accidents with cars crossing in front of parking lots, shopping areas, or driveways.

There are several parking lots, especially at parking garages in Leesburg, where pedestrian accidents may occur due to their confined nature with limited visibility. Sometimes, pedestrians are not walking in the designated areas and therefore it is tough for drivers to see them.

Frequency of Intersection Accidents

Accidents at controlled intersections are quite common, especially with drivers turning right on a red light. People often assume that if the way is clear of vehicles, they can make a right turn on red and do not consider that pedestrians may be present. Often these accidents occur with drivers who are in a hurry. They see that no cars are coming and are trying to beat the light by making a quick right-hand turn without totally understanding the circumstances of the intersection and pedestrians.

Pedestrian accidents that occur with drivers turning left across an intersection are common, however, less common than those turning right across an intersection. This is probably due to greater visibility of pedestrians in front of the care when turning left.

There is a high potential for pedestrian accidents to occur at stop signs when drivers are assuming that they can make a turn and pedestrians are assuming that the drivers will let them cross.

Most of the areas where pedestrian accidents in Leesburg occur involve sidewalks and controlled intersections. As the Town of Leesburg has sidewalks in the vast majority of pedestrian locations, pedestrian accident involving an area without sidewalks are far less common.

While some pedestrian accidents occur with cars backing up and striking a pedestrian, these are not common, largely due to a lack of roadways in Leesburg where the drivers have to back into. While this may be a very common pedestrian accidents scenario in other places, around Leesburg it rarely occurs.

Accidents with Buses

School bus-pedestrian accidents, as well as accidents around public bus stops, are pretty uncommon. School buses are always looking out for pedestrians, especially children, which means greater awareness of all pedestrian accidents.

There are several bus stops in Leesburg. In fact, the Loudoun County public transportation has a bus stop in downtown Leesburg as well as several commuter buses that stop throughout the town. While they pedestrian accidents could happen at these high pedestrian traffic areas, they generally do not.