Safety Tips for Out-of-State Pedestrians in Leesburg

Tourists are not as knowledgeable about intersections and specific traffic patterns in particular areas of Leesburg. Because of their lack of familiarity with the town of Leesburg they may be oblivious to how fast vehicles are traveling on a particular section of road or whether or not the vehicles have a good point of view of the intersection.

Additionally, tourists may make certain assumptions that intersections are always pedestrian friendly and drivers are going to see them. However, often in the downtown area during weekends or special events and festivals, both tourists and drivers can be distracted and stressed leading to more pedestrian accidents.

With that said, if you are injured on your travels through Leesburg, contact a pedestrian accident attorney for an advocate and guide in receiving ample financial compensation for the physical and emotional damages sustained. We understand that, particularly for out of state visitors, medical bills can be higher than normal depending on your insurance coverage out of the area.

Safety Tips for Tourists on Foot

When traveling from out of state to visit Leesburg, safety should be taken very seriously during your trip. A vacation is not enjoyable if someone ends up hurt from a preventable mistake. These tips will keep you safe as a pedestrian in Leesburg, and ensure your enjoyment of the trip is not snatched away.

  • Look both ways before crossing a street.
  • Do not cross the street unless you are at a controlled intersection and there is a signal indicating the right to cross.
  • Do not cross the street in between intersections, especially in high traffic or low visibility areas.
  • Follow the flow of traffic and make sure to observe the traffic in order to understand how best to travel and whether or not the drivers can see you.

Finally, and most importantly, never assume that a car can see you and is going to stop. Be vigilant, and enjoy your trip.

While the state law of Virginia dictates that motorists are to yield to people in the crosswalk, it is not always safe to assume that the driver approaching a crosswalk is going to stop. Even at controlled intersections, stop signs, or marked crosswalks, a driver could not see the pedestrian or be going too fast to stop in time.

Pedestrians and drivers are sometimes not paying attention as they are supposed to be. Always assume that a driver is not going to stop until they start to slow down and acknowledge your presence.

Dangers for Runners

As an out of state runner in Leesburg, be aware of your surroundings certainly in high traffic pedestrian and driving areas. There are areas that drivers are often passing through Leesburg in a hurry because certain main roads that travel through the downtown area that they should be aware of. Additionally, there is a multitude of crosswalks and lights that drivers can turn right on red, putting the pedestrian in a greater chance for harm.