Broken Bones in Leesburg Pedestrian Accidents 

If a person is hit by a vehicle, especially a multi-thousand-pound vehicle, they may have different and more severe types of bone breaks than a person who is injured in a different way.

Bone breaks in a Leesburg pedestrian accident tend to be compound fractures such as the break of skin surface and disjointed fractures where the bones went out of the socket or out of place upon being broken. These are commonly seen in the bones of the lower leg as well as wrist, arms, and shoulders due to the sheer force and angle of a pedestrian on motor vehicle accident.

Due to the severity of broken bones resulting from a Leesburg pedestrian accident, it is very important for a person facing these types of injuries to contact a Leesburg pedestrian accident lawyer right away. A seasoned attorney can use their experience in similar cases as well as their knowledge of Leesburg and Virginia laws to ensure the injured person receives the representation and the compensation they deserve.

Elements of the Injury

Because of the sheer force and a person’s natural inclination to protect themselves by throwing up their hands, broken bones are quite common in a pedestrian accident. The most common types of bone breaks to pedestrian accident are lower leg injuries, wrist and arm injuries, and head fractures. A person who is hit by the car may hit their head on the car’s windshield or the ground.

Impacts on a Person’s Life

Any time a person breaks a bone, no matter the circumstances, it is a serious injury; however, when a person breaks their bone as a result of being hit by a car, it can have a major impact on their life. A fracture from a pedestrian accident may well be more serious in nature than a common bone fracture and can also lead to a more complicated recovery. There may be surgical processes necessary to set the bones back in place to include pins, screws, or other surgical appliances.

Broken bones also sometimes require a casting, which can make a person uncomfortable and can decrease their normal abilities. There may also be a lengthy recovery period or longer period of physical therapy for a person to regain full range of motion depending on the where the bone is broken and how it functions in their daily life.

Sometimes injuries that cause a broken bone in a pedestrian accident in Leesburg are permanent. As a result, the person has a permanent limp or permanent condition of one arm being shorter than the other. There are many different issues that could arise.

Range in Severity

There are common broken bone cases such as breaking the smaller bones of the forearm, lower leg, foot, and hands that generally heal quite easily with the higher probability of return of full range of motion.

There are many broken bone injuries that are very difficult to heal. Bones such as the femur, helmet, and shoulder are very difficult to break and require a great amount of force to do so. Therefore, when they do break, it can be a much more complicated recovery process. Additionally, bones that are especially painful to break such as ribs or spinal injuries have a more complicated recovery. Any time a recovery is more complicated, the case is different from a simple bone break.