Virginia Fire Accidents Lawyer

Accidents involving fire can result in painful, disfiguring, long-lasting injuries that cause you permanent impairments. Motor vehicle fires, residential fires, and workplace fires all can cause severe burn injuries that may even be fatal in some circumstances. A Virginia fire accidents lawyer may be able to assist you in seeking compensation for your injuries, depending on your situation.

All too often, fire accidents occur due to the negligence or carelessness of other individuals. Whether a fire injures you due to unsafe wiring, flammable liquids, gas explosions, or malfunctioning smoke detectors, you may have a cause of action for damages against the parties responsible for the fire.

Getting the advice of a seasoned personal injury attorney could allow you to weigh your options and make informed decisions about any claims that you might have.

Residential Fire Accidents in Virginia

Residential fire accidents commonly happen for various reasons, such as in cases of cooking fires, arson, and smoking. However, some fires occur because equipment has malfunctioned or someone has been careless. Under these circumstances, injury victims may be able to seek compensation from any negligent parties.

For example, suppose that individuals enter into a contract to build a home and the builders fail to wire the house per local codes correctly. If a fire results due to the faulty wiring, causing both property damage and personal injuries to the homeowners, then these individuals may have a valid personal injury claim against the builder.

Likewise, if properly installed smoke detectors fail to sound an alarm when a fire occurs, any injury victims may be able to pursue the manufacturers of the defective smoke detectors in some cases.

A fire accidents lawyer in Virginia may be able to explore the facts concerning this situation and determine the viability of any legal claims on behalf of any injury victims.

Workplace Fire Accidents

Although fires may occur in all types of workplaces, they occur more commonly in manufacturing and construction settings. When chemicals are present, the risk of explosion and fire can be considerable. Improper wiring and electrical problems are some other familiar sources of workplace fires.

In some cases, owners of factories, construction sites, or manufacturing facilities fail to comply with OSHA standards, which results in fires. When building sites are not up to code, smoke detectors, alarms, and sprinklers are not installed, or malfunctioning, or electrical and gas wiring is deficient, these employers may be liable for the burn injuries of their employees and staff, as well as civilly liable for violating federal regulations.

Motor Vehicle Accident Fires

Fires also may occur as a result of traffic accidents, especially when a car overturns or is severely damaged. In many circumstances, fluids may leak and combine to cause ignition of a fire. Injury victims may have the right to pursue personal injury claims against the responsible drivers who caused the accidents.

Furthermore, car fires happen when there is a mechanical defect or failure with the vehicle. This situation can result in the liability of the vehicle manufacturer for any injuries that result from the vehicle fire.

A fire accidents attorney in Virginia may be able to help investigate the source of the motor vehicle fire and identify any potentially liable parties when motorists have suffered injuries due to the fire.

Call a Virginia Fire Accidents Attorney for Advice

The aftermath of a fire can be highly stressful and challenging as you struggle to recover from severe injuries over time. You may be unable to work and experiencing a deluge of medical bills as a result of your injuries. In this situation, a Virginia fire accidents lawyer may be able to intervene on your behalf and handle the legal issues for you.

Insurance companies for the responsible parties may be eager to get a quick and low settlement from you by offering you immediate financial relief. However, you owe it to yourself and to your family to allow legal counsel to consider any offers of settlement fully before you make any significant decisions. With the appropriate legal advice, you may be able to get the knowledge that you need and get a better sense of your future medical costs before accepting any settlement that insurance companies might offer you.