Fairfax Dump Truck Accident Lawyer

Dump trucks perform an important function, collecting and disposing of waste. These trucks carry tons of trash and are vital to society. While garbage trucks are important, they can also be dangerous to other drivers especially if they are being driven by negligent truck drivers. A collision with a dump truck could lead to severe and sometimes fatal injuries. If you have been hit by a garbage truck, speak with a Fairfax dump truck accident lawyer. A capable truck accident attorney could pursue a positive outcome for you.

Fact Patterns in Dump Truck Collisions

The most common types of dump truck accidents in Fairfax are when a dump truck and a motor vehicle come into contact with each other. Some common causes of dump truck accidents are failure to follow the street signs, running a red light, not yielding the right of way, running stop signs, and speeding. Other causes include driver inattention, driver carelessness, and driver intoxication.

In Fairfax, dump trucks are frequently present near dumpsters. It is the most common place they are seen, usually in residential areas or near trash rooms in office buildings.

Potential Injuries a Person Could Sustain

The various injuries that a person could sustain when being injured by a dump truck include bruises, contusions, sprains, strains, herniated disks, torn ligaments, torn muscles, dislocated joints, especially dislocated shoulders, broken bones, paralysis, disfigurement, dismemberment, and death.

The kinds of damages people seek after dump truck accidents in Fairfax are the economic and non-economic damages.  Non-economic damages tend to be pain and suffering. Economic damages tend to be easily calculated. A Fairfax dump truck accident lawyer could help an individual pursue damages in their truck accident case.

The Seriousness of Dump Truck Accidents

Dump truck accidents are taken seriously because generally people do not like dump trucks. When a big heavy dump truck comes into contact with a smaller car, the jury is more likely to believe that someone got seriously injured in those kinds of accidents and place more value on the injuries.

A dump truck accident case could change based on the type of substance being carried by the truck, because if the substance being carried is a hazardous material, it is more likely to involve an explosion or a chemical fire along with the ordinary collision between the vehicles.

Value of a Fairfax Dump Truck Accident Attorney

If you have been injured in a collision involving a garbage truck, speak with an experienced Fairfax dump truck accident lawyer. A  seasoned legal advocate could collect the necessary evidence, to help you file your claim. Furthermore, they could speak with insurance companies on your behalf and could work to ensure that you receive a reasonable outcome. Speak with a compassionate truck accident attorney that could help you pursue and recover the damages that you deserve.