Signs of Child Care Negligence in Virginia

Parents entrust daycares and other childcare centers with their children regularly, and most parents firmly believe their child would never be hurt while in the care of someone else. For most parents, this belief will prove to be true, but unfortunately, some daycares do not place enough emphasis on the safety and security of the children they are trusted with.

Negligence is a serious problem in daycares across the country, and it often occurs behind closed doors. Negligence occurs when a daycare or its staff willingly refuses to meet the basic needs of the children they monitor. Negligence, under certain circumstances, can even result in the death or serious injury of a child.

If you are a parent with a child in daycare, it may be helpful to memorize some of the basic signs of child care negligence in Virginia.

Negligence vs. Abuse

There is a marked difference between abuse and negligence as it occurs in a child care setting. For many parents, child abuse, such as hitting, restraining, or pushing a child is the worst thing that could happen while they are under the supervision of another adult. This belief is often proven untrue, as negligence can be just as dangerous as intentional physical violence.

In a daycare or home care setting, negligence is largely defined as the refusal or inability to meet the basic needs of a child. Caretakers are typically tasked with providing a child with a safe environment, proper rest, food, recreational activities, and medical care if necessary. When these needs are not met, children can suffer greatly.

Signs of Caretaker Negligence

Unlike abuse, negligence rarely leaves any physical evidence behind. As a matter of fact, a negligent childcare facility may not appear different from a safe facility. Fortunately, parents can look for common signs of neglect when touring a daycare of speaking with their child. Some of these signs include, but are not limited to:

  • Unsafe items within reach – If a child can reach a pair of scissors, stapler, sharp utensil, or hot object, the daycare may be neglectful. Such items should never be within the reach of a small child.
  • Not enough adults – Without enough adult workers, children will be poorly supervised. Poor supervision can result in a child injuring themselves or other children.
  • Unsafe conditions – Are the children around open doors, cleaning chemicals, large objects that could easily fall, or anything that could be weaponized? If the answer is yes, the conditions of the daycare or home may be unsafe.
  • Child comes home with physical marks, bruises, and scratches – If a child is not properly supervised, they can be hit, bitten, or scratched by another child.
  • Child is frequently thirsty or hungry – If a child is frequently hungry or thirsty, they may not be receiving the nourishment they need from a caretaker.
  • Withdrawn or anxious behavior – If a child begins behaving in an anxious, erratic, or frightened manner, they may be attempting to avoid neglect.

If a person notices any signs of child care negligence in Virginia, they may want to contact an experienced attorney.

Learn to Recognize the Signs of Child Care Negligence in Virginia

The signs of child care negligence in Virginia can be hard to recognize, but if you believe your child was neglected while in the care of someone else, you may be entitled to compensation for your ordeal. A daycare or caretaker who engages in negligent behavior should be held financially liable for their dangerous inaction.

With the help of the right attorney, you may be able to get justice for your child. Contact a daycare negligence attorney for additional information.