Bowie Slip and Fall Attorney

All Bowie property owners have a legal duty to maintain their property as safely as possible to minimize visitors’ potential injuries. Nevertheless, our firm meets new clients every day who are trying to recover from recent slip and fall accidents. If you’ve been injured in this way, an experienced Bowie slip and fall lawyer will help you obtain all compensation owed to you for your injuries.

Premises Liability Law in Bowie, MD

Your ability to obtain financial compensation for your Bowie slip and fall injuries can depend on several factors, including whether or not you were invited (or had permission) to enter the property or whether you were trespassing. Fortunately, property owners  and those who manage their properties  still have a basic duty to provide a reasonable amount of safety to all potential visitors, including trespassers, when they are aware that uninvited visitors may decide to trespass onto their land.

Were You Invited onto the Property?

Many landowners know that others will try to enter their property without permission because they’ve witnessed a number of people trespassing on their property in the past. When you can prove this, the landowner still has a duty to provide posted warnings to uninvited visitors, especially when there are dangerous conditions on the land that could result in either injury or death. Courts have a tendency to treat invited guests (including most licensees) with greater sympathy since you obviously knew they might be entering your property at specific times. Perhaps one of the most common “slip and fall” accident occurs when you get up from a lunch booth at a diner where you’ve been eating, and slip on some greasy food on the floor that was recently dropped by either another patron or a waitperson.

Proving Negligence in Bowie Slip and Falls

A Bowie slip and fall attorney will carefully review the facts of your case, trying to determine if the property owner (or party hired to manage the property) failed to properly maintain the premises in a safe manner. For example, if you live in a rental house in the country and before you moved in the cover to an abandoned well on the property was cracked or partially missing and you fall into that well and injure yourself, the prior owner of the property can be held liable for your injuries. The previous owner had a legal duty to carefully inspect the property before allowing you to move in.

If you were subsequently injured, a court will likely rule that negligence has occurred. Your Bowie slip and fall lawyer will inform you that this form of negligence is often described as careless or reckless, when it involves failing to properly inspect property and making the necessary repairs. Be sure to ask your attorney if special statutory provisions apply if a child was injured in this way.

Primary Defenses Raised in Bowie Slip and Fall Cases

It’s important to know that it may prove challenging to win your case if the opposing party (the property owner and perhaps the hired maintenance company) claim that you contributed in some way to the accident.

This is because Maryland is one of the few states (there are only four) that continue to observe “The Pure Contributory Negligence Rule.” This rule says that when an injured party plays any role whatsoever in causing his or her accident, there can be no judgment rendered in that party’s favor. Stated differently, to win its case against you, the opposing side must simply be able to prove that you were even one percent negligent in helping to create the dangerous situation that led to your injury.

Questions Courts Often Ask in Premises Liability Cases

  • How foreseeable was the plaintiff’s injury?
  • How was the property owner using the land where the injury occurred?
  • Were any warnings posted to alert visitors to the special dangers present on the land?
  • Did the property owner take any measures to help invited visitors or trespassers avoid all potential injuries? In other words, were certain areas cordoned off to discourage venturing near them?
  • Was there any type of “attractive nuisance” involved, such as a trampoline or swimming pool?
  • Is there any clear evidence that the property owner simply ignored the dangers and decided that all visitors simply needed to exercise extreme caution – instead of making obviously needed repairs?

Typical Places Where People Suffer Premises Liability Injuries

Besides possibly falling down while walking around in a restaurant, as noted above, many of our Bowie personal injury clients suffer injuries while simply walking across an unpaved or poorly managed parking lot or while shopping in various types of stores. Still others slip and fall while walking out of movie theaters or during visits to other places where food or drinks are frequently sold to customers.

Other Parties Who Can Be Held Liable in Slip and Fall Cases

Courts will sometimes allow our firm to add architects and builders as defendants, when we’re able to show that their faulty design or construction of the property played a significant role in a client’s injuries. This means that your Bowie slip and fall lawyer may decide to file a lawsuit not only against the landowners and the property maintenance company but also against the alleged negligent architects and builders. In such cases, an experienced slip and fall attorney in Bowie will claim that the latter defendants should have discovered design flaws and corrected them long before their building was completed.