Fairfax County Drug Lawyer

Though society may be more accepting of drug use, the government is not. In Fairfax County, the police are always on the lookout for those who possess or traffic illegal substances. What the government charges you with may affect the punishment a court could issue.

Once the police have accused you of some drug-related act, it may be vital to building up a strong defense to protect yourself from criminal charges or jail time.

If the police have arrested you, or you suspect the police are watching you, speak with an experienced criminal attorney at your earliest chance. A Fairfax County drug lawyer may be able to help you develop an aggressive strategy to ensure the best possible outcome.

Depending on what the government charges you with, you may be at risk for a felony conviction, which could have lifelong effects on your future employment and rental opportunities.

Drug Statutes in Fairfax County

There are many different laws related to controlled substances. Typically the government punishes mere possession less harshly than transporting or manufacturing drugs. The government will also treat a drug charge differently based on the type and amount of controlled substance at issue. For more information about drug charges, reach out to a knowledgeable drug lawyer in Fairfax County.

Drug Possession

The Code of Virginia states that it is illegal to possess drugs unless those substances were obtained from a doctor or a prescription, according to §18.2-250. Just because the police find drugs in a person’s home or vehicle does not automatically mean that the person knew or intentionally possessed those drugs.

If a person possesses a Schedule I or II drug, the court can convict that person of a Class 5 felony. If the person had marijuana, the court could only convict them of a Class 1 misdemeanor, which is a lesser crime.

Drug Manufacturing and Distribution

The law states that people may not do or intend to do any of the following with a controlled substance or imitation controlled substance:

  • Manufacture
  • Sell
  • Give
  • Distribute

If a person commits any of the above acts with a Schedule I or II drug, the court may send that person to jail for five to 40 years and fine them up to half a million dollars, as described in Code of Virginia §18.2-248. A second conviction can result in a life sentence, but not less than five years. For a third conviction, the court must send the person to jail for at least ten years. The fine can be up to one million dollars for most controlled substances.

The exception to the rule mentioned is that if the court convicts a person of manufacturing or distributing methamphetamines, the minimum sentence is ten years in jail.

Trafficking Drugs into Fairfax County across State Lines

If a person brings in one or more ounces of cocaine or other Schedule I or II substances or five or more pounds of marijuana, that violates the law on transporting drugs into the state, as noted in Code of Virginia §18.2-248.01. Once convicted, the court may sen the person to jail for five to 40 years and order a fine of one million dollars. Individuals facing drug trafficking charges should contact an accomplished defense lawyer as soon as possible.

How a Fairfax County Drug Attorney Could Help

Nothing may be more stressful than dealing with a controlled substance charge. Depending on the charges, your life may be drastically affected. Do not give up hope, however. An aggressive and knowledgeable defense attorney may be able to prevent or lessen the impact of a criminal proceeding. Reach out to a Fairfax County drug lawyer to learn more about your rights, what you can expect and how you may be able to protect yourself best. If you suspect the police may charge you or already have, do not delay seeking out the help which may make all the difference in your matter.