Steps to Take Following a Catastrophic Motorcycle Accident in DC

After a motorcycle accident in DC, it is important that an individual takes all necessary steps to help attain a successful outcome on their behalf. There are many important steps to take following a catastrophic motorcycle accident in DC, but hiring an attorney should be an individual’s top priority.

If you have been involved in such an incident, you can ensure an attorney will be able to build a strong case to assist in recovering any damages you are entitled to.

What Are the First Steps to Take Following a Motorcycle Accident in DC?

Anyone involved in a catastrophic motorcycle accident in DC should seek medical attention through the nearest emergency room as quickly as possible in order to obtain a full appreciation of the nature and extent of their injuries.

Anyone involved in a catastrophic motorcycle collision may be unable to relay certain personal information, so it is always important for anyone to have a photo ID on them as well as any additional information such as an insurance card which may be beneficial in the intake and evaluation process in the nearest emergency room.

After treating their injuries, the individual involved should contact a qualified and trained personal injury attorney as soon as possible, so that the attorney can evaluate the claim and begin the legal process.

Contacting Insurance Companies

It is important for anyone involved in a motor vehicle collision, especially a catastrophic motorcycle collision, to report a claim to their insurance company as well as any other potentially at-fault insurance company so that a claim can be opened and the process can begin as quickly as possible.

The coverage afforded by the insurance policy is determined based upon the insurance policy terms and conditions that are stated with the insurance contract, as well as the corresponding laws, rules and regulations for each jurisdiction in the United States.

Understanding the Claims Process

People should understand that there are a number of issues that are likely to arise in a catastrophic motorcycle accident case in DC. An individual should understand that they have the right to be compensated for any injuries. They should understand that any at-fault insurance company will not voluntarily pay under any circumstance regardless of how the collision occurred or how badly the motorcyclist has been injured.

Finally, one should understand that no matter how simple a claim may be, there are many different aspects that go into processing a claim in terms of initiating that claim with at-fault parties, insurance carriers, the motorcyclist’s insurance carrier,  the motorcyclist’s health insurance carrier, as well as any other lienholders who may later assert a lien to recover payments made for medical treatment against the recovering party.

How Can An Accident Be Prevented?

Anyone operating a motorcycle in the District of Columbia should familiarize themselves with the rules and requirements of operating such a motor vehicle. Typically, the rules and regulations are set forth in order to protect the operator’s motor vehicles, and other vehicles on the road. Compliance with the requisite rules and laws are there to work toward the safe operation of a motor vehicle in the District of Columbia.

People should have the requisite training and experience in operating such a motor vehicle and comply with the rules and regulations of operating such a motor vehicle in DC. The operators of motorcycles should pay full time and attention to the operation of their vehicle in order to avoid a collision.

Vehicle Specific Regulations

If the rules or requirements differ depending on the nature of the vehicle, then the individual operating the motor vehicle should understand the requisite laws that apply to them in the operation of such a motor vehicle and be prepared to comply with those rules and regulations.

Determining Liability

The evaluation of the claim and determination as to liability, meaning who is at fault, does not consider whether the operator of a motor vehicle is from the District of Columbia or some other state. Being from out of state can not be used as a defense by an individual when combatting their accident charges.

Benefits of an Attorney

A personal injury attorney will be able to assist a catastrophically-injured motorcyclist by evaluating the claim appropriately. The first steps an attorney will take following a catastrophic motorcycle accident in DC include advising the injured person as to any defenses that may likely arise, and alleviate any additional issues that the individual may expect to encounter. These potential issues often arise through insurance contact, or any other points of contact throughout the entire process.

Catastrophic motorcycle accident cases can be tricky in terms of understanding the nature and extent of the injuries, and appreciating how longstanding catastrophic injuries may be over the course of the injured person’s lifetime. An attorney can make this process easier by evaluating the claim and working with the injured person in order to pursue any and all avenues of recovery available to them.

Catastrophic Motorcycle Injuries in DC