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Ovarian cancer is one of the leading causes of death amongst women, and the American Cancer Society estimates that a woman has a one in seventy-eight chance of getting ovarian cancer in her lifetime. However, if ovarian cancer is detected in its early stages, it is highly treatable and the prognosis is incredibly positive.

For example, the American Cancer Society reports that if ovarian cancer is detected before it spreads to an ovary the five-year survival rate is over ninety-percent.

The Pap smear is one of the most effective tools doctors have to detect abnormal cervical cells, which may be cancerous or develop into ovarian cancer if left untreated. The Pap smear is credited with the consistent decline in cervical cancer over the past twenty years.

However, the Pap smear test is not 100 percent accurate and may be prone to human error. When a doctor or laboratory misreads a pap smear it can mean cancerous cells are not identified and removed, leading to extensive, invasive, and costly treatments.

When a doctor or a laboratory misreads a pap smear, it may constitute medical negligence and a deviation from the standard of care expected of all physicians.

If you have suffered because of a misread pap smear, a Washington DC misread Pap smear lawyer is prepared to help. A caring and experienced lawyer will fight to hold those directly responsible for your injuries and losses responsible for their negligence.

The Pap Smear Test

The Pap test also called a pap smear is a procedure that tests for cervical cancer. A doctor performs a Pap test by using a small tool similar to a special stick or soft brush to collect cells from outside of the cervix. After the cells are collected they are sent to a lab to be analyzed.

A laboratory will test the collected cells to detect any abnormal cells, which may be cancerous or have the potential to develop into cancer if left untreated. According to the U.S. Department of Health, women between the ages of 21 to 65 should include a Pap test as part of their regular health care routine.

The Pap test has been the standard practice to detect and prevent cervical cancer, and while there have been recent developments that suggest other tests may be viable alternatives, the Pap test is by far the most common and accurate.

How Pap Smears Can be Misread

If a pap smear is properly performed and read, it can allow a doctor to detect precancerous cells, which in turn can make treatment more effective and less invasive. Because Pap smear test results are sent to a laboratory to be analyzed some of the most common reasons why a pap smear are misread include:

  • Laboratory technicians not being properly trained to identify precancerous cells
  • Misinterpreting test results
  • Improperly handling specimen slides
  • Misreporting by the laboratory
  • A lack of physician oversight in the

Additionally, a pap smear may be misread because of a physician collecting error. This occurs when a physician does not collect an adequate sample or contaminates a sample through poor technique. A misread pap smears lawyer in Washington DC could help a victim with establishing negligence and filing a claim.

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A misread pap smear may mean that your doctor misses a critical window to remove, treat, and prevent the spread of cervical cancer cells. A Washington DC misread pap smears lawyer understands that this can have a financial and emotional impact on both you and your family.

With a wealth of experience and proven trial advocacy, a DC misread pap smears attorney may be able to hold negligent medical providers, laboratories, and corporations responsible for their part in a misread pap smear and will fight for your right to compensation.